Embracing the Law of One

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today's message is about embracing the Law of One and to truly understand that when we believe this, we may have fulfillment and abundance in our lives because through the connectedness of all things there is unity, communication, and cooperation, that provides an ebb and flow of opportunity for greater growth and higher awareness.   Separation, on the other hand, brings isolation, leads to suspicion, and breeds mistrust, which is the source of all suffering on your world.

Diversity of mind and culture should be thought of as an extension of this Law of One because it allows for the organism of humanity—the parts of the whole, to reach out and to know the unknowable, to consider that which has yet to be considered, and to learn through osmosis—the connectedness of the parts, new ideas and values that can benefit the whole, which will eventually eliminate suffering and bring humanity into the Golden Age.

Many of you desire to have a greater relationship with spirit—to hear more clearly, to heal with greater power, to relieve suffering, and to spread enlightenment more efficiently.  These intensions can be realized through greater awareness of this Law of One.  As you embrace this thought that we have all sprung from the First Source, that we are all children of this One Truth, that we are all connected to this Great Eternal Cause, you begin to open the channels of universe energy and you may call on all the parts to help you to attain your goals and achieve your desires for greater awareness having a more intimate relationship with spirit and with your fellows.

Life flows through the parts (all sentient beings) like blood flows through the veins and arteries to and from the heart (the Creator).  If there is a blockage or a separation of one of the parts, that part will wither and die, which makes the whole incomplete. Separation casts a shadow on the truth which obscures reality, which leads to inequality of opportunity, repression, and selfish control.  The old ways of doing business on your world is about to end—it is outdated and incompatible with the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Only those that believe this Law of One shall be called the Sons of God, and they shall lead this new world and will be the way-showers to the disconnected parts that they too may be called into Sonship.  Those that will not be led, that spurn all mercy, will become unreal and will vanish from the whole leaving no shadow.

Blessed are you—the eyes, the ears, the hands, and the feet of the whole that keeps the organism healthy and connected.  Love, the life force of the universe, circulates freely from the heart through all the connected parts and into you—a unique aspect of deity expression which brings a diversity of experience to the whole and fulfills the Law of One.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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