Discover a Life of Meaning

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

My Dear Students,

The conditions whereby consciousness operates on Urantia is in flux—constantly changing, and it is changing to benefit humanity.  The opportunities for souls to progress are increasing in ways that have never been available at any other time since Christ Michael’s bestowal.  Like all opportunities, it is up to you to decide to what to do with that opportunity—whether you step into the path of it or turn from it and let it pass.  Those that step into opportunity’s path shall find the guidance that leads to a beautiful soul, for in asking Spirit for help in understanding your own thoughts, your life, and your world, you enter into a relationship with Spirit.  It is in this sincere relationship with Spirit that divine guidance is given that moves the soul to discover a life of meaning—filled with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness regardless of the conditions.

There are two tools that are at work on Urantia that you have been given access: Christ Michael’s Spirit of Truth, and Christ Michael’s Light knowledge.  His Spirit of Truth is defined as “The Divine Comforter” and there can be no greater comfort than to know that you are not alone, but indwelled by the Father’s Spirit—His Divine Fragment—the Thought Adjuster.  The Spirit of Truth is the “tool of attunement” with the Father’s Spirit—for His Spirit is All Truth.  It was poured out onto all flesh on your world after Michael’s return to the Father where He received the “Keys to the Kingdom,” and there is a key for each of you to unlock the door that leads to eternal life.

Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge is the definition of truth the Spirit abides in as you are guided through the domain of the local universe of Nebadon.  Michael’s Light Knowledge is now flooding your world giving greater understanding to all those that “reach for the key.”  The “key,” dear students, is the relationship with your Indwelling Spirit of the Father—the Thought Adjuster!  To seek guidance from within is how you “reach for the key.”  It is Christ Michael’s Light knowledge that is given you by your Thought Adjuster to help you understand truth as it is relative to your place of progress.  As you progress, the definition of truth changes (becomes clearer) to meet your understanding.

You have an opportunity to reach for the key and gain access to the understanding you need to live a life of meaning—to build a soul of values, and to discover the greatest gift that could ever be given to any creature—the Indwelling Spirit of the Father.  It is the desire of the Father, through His Divine Fragment, to fuse with you and share all that He is that you may know the truth of His Love—the love that created the universes—the love that guides you home—to the embrace of Finality—of truth and perfection—to have answered the call: “Be you perfect, even as I AM Perfect.”

Reach out for the key, dear ones, and begin your relationship here and now—there is so much Peace, Love, and Understanding available to you, and all it requires is your faith, your trust, and a willing heart to say, “Guide me, my Beloved Spirit—teach me how to know you—show me the opportunities that lead me to a life of meaning and purpose.”  “Reveal to me a greater understanding of love—lead me that I may recognize the whispers of my heart—to know that it is you that speaks to me this way.” “Hold the key before my grasp and encourage me to take it and unlock the door that leads to eternal life with You, my Beloved Spirit.”

Encouraging you as you walk,

I AM Uteah

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