Developing Conscious Contact (Part 2)

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 13 Jun 2021
Teacher: Vutia
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Vutia: Greetings to you from the Fifth Mansion World! In the previous message I talked about the importance of having a vision of your progress—a long range view of your ascending soul and the integral part your Thought Adjuster (TA) plays in the divine/human partnership.  We talked about how mansion world citizens are guided to have regular engagement with their TAs as a way to show the TA that they are ready for a more progressive experience.  This is what you may do to achieve the same here as you would hereafter—it is a continuance of life that is ever flowing toward a perfected consciousness.  Through these teachings, I hope to demystify the elusiveness of the TA relationship that you may have confidence that all these ways of progress are available to you?

Many of you seek first for revelation—knowledge of spiritual ideas as a way to progress, but you cannot progress from merely consuming knowledge and revelation.  Having the courage to put yourself in a vulnerable place—to have a new experience—to follow insights, and by acting on your decisions is the way of progress—it can be no other way.  Revelation is necessary for expanding the mind for the possibilities of greater progress, but it and of itself is only the knowledge of potentials.  Only through experimentation can you discover something new and actually show the TA that you are ready for the Enhanced Circuits and a greater revelation of the TA relationship.

Ask yourself, “WHY do I want Conscious Contact with my TA?”  “WHY do I want the Enhanced Circuits?”  “WHY do I want to progress?”  “WHY do I want to ascend?”  Answer these questions after sitting in meditation with your TA.  Be as honest with yourself as you can possibly be—write them down.  When you can answer these questions with a new definition, determination, and confidence, then will you have shown your TA that your desires are progressive and god-like—and that you require more light in consciousness to understand the answers with greater clarity. Ask to be guided into action—to experience the reality of Conscious Contact and then act on the insights you receive that lead to this revelation!

Why does the TA withhold the Enhanced Circuits from you?  Like all souls that are ascending, you must demonstrate to the TA that you have matured spiritually—that you are ready for higher circles.  The TA is looking for you to have a genuine desire for spiritual progress and then to act on it—to exemplify your understanding.  Even advanced students that understand great spiritual concepts and ideals sometimes get complacent—seeing themselves as having mastered their spiritual life and see no need to progress any further, or that their status somehow perpetuates progress without expression?  This can become a stumbling block for many—the more you have, the more your TA requires of you?

Move your consciousness from virtual understanding (co-imaging) to the actual reality of experience through expression (as co-creator).  The Enhanced Circuits are available to you and shall remain available.  Everyday you have the opportunity to ask your TA for these Enhanced Circuits and to guide you into higher circles.  Have you engaged your TA today with the true desire to progress?

Receiver’s note: I am realizing that I often do not think about what it means to progress and sometimes take for granted that I am progressing because of my advanced understanding of spiritual concepts and ideals.  The TA requires that we redefine our understanding of progress regularly and look for new ways to engage the TA and act spontaneously to insights given for our progress.

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