Developing Conscious Contact (Part 1)

Teacher: Vutia

Vutia: Greetings to you from the Fifth Mansion World!  Today I will continue to speak about Afterlife and give you an understanding about how Mansion World Citizens use their mind to develop greater conscious contact with their Thought Adjusters (TAs)—to create a construct in the mind for a vision of progress.  To achieve this, you need to understand how important it is to have a “vision” of what lies ahead of you—not only here, but hereafter.  To use your gift as a partner to the Universal Father’s Spirit Presence, each of you have been given a powerful imagination—this is inherent as a partner to the Creator’s Fragmented Nature that indwells your human mind, and this “virtual canvas” can be a vehicle to “see” that your soul is progressing.

You can not live in the past—your life circumstances, history, and past decisions have led you to where you are today.  The past is unchangeable.  You can however, use the lessons of the past as a way to plan for the future in this present moment.  If you are reading this message, you therefore have an awareness about your spiritual condition—you desire to know more about the unseen realities and spirit forces that affect you and the world—how you fit into this greater picture of reality, and where it is you are headed—here, and hereafter?  These are healthy curiosities that inspire the imagination and spark deep questions in the mind.   Use this sense of awareness and curiosity to further open your mind to greater possibilities—to see yourself—not from the perspective of the immaturity of the past, but as a progressive soul that is determined to become more than you are today.

The present moment is all that really exists.  The present moment is where you do all your “work” in reality.  The experience you are having in this present moment is in a state of change.  Each breath and heartbeat changes the biochemical processes in your body—your thoughts change, your juxtaposition in time space moves in relation to the center of infinity—everything about you is changing. Growth however, is something that requires your will and determination—your evaluation of where you are and where you are going.  It requires vision, decisions, and planning for the future—the immediate future and the distant future—both here and hereafter.

It is in this vision and planning that I want to talk about—how important it is to use your open mind to see yourself—not as you are now, but as a transformed being of great light and understanding—to be as wise as those celestial teachers and angels—even to achieve the greatness of the deities themselves—not out of a sense of pride, but as a great administrator and co-creator—to participate in the completion of universe destiny and to be a blessing to all those in your circle of influence.  You are a “distributor of light,” and a great link in a chain of souls doing the “Will and work” of the Creator—finding great satisfaction in the achievement of progress!

Growth is more than a desire—it is the achievement of the successful application of deity led inspiration expressed through your unique personality.  It is a measure of your journey of experiences and how you interpret deity inspiration—how you adapt those inspirations to the surrounding conditions and relationships in your life.  The soul is a collection of the growth moments of extraordinary experiences based on the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  Your Thought Adjuster is the harvester of those treasured growth moments and achievements.  What better way to grow than to be aware of, and to work in partnership with, the Indwelling Presence of the Creator that inspires you to become greater than you were only one breath and heartbeat ago?

Having conscious contact with the TA is like speaking an unceasing prayer—it is the center of your world from where you are comparing notes as you live and work in reality.  Although the TA knows what you are thinking, the TA requires that you use your will and make decisions about your thinking.  By doing this, you place on the canvas of your mind the way you want to experience your life.  The TA then “sees” this and goes to work creating light in the field for the manifestation of opportunities that lead to your desires—consciously or unconsciously.

Those that live life oblivious to the inspiration of deity often find that their unconscious fears drive their reality.  How much more progressive and powerful is it to have conscious awareness of this powerful partnership and to paint on the canvas of your mind the greatness of who you want to become!  You, in this present moment, can do this—you have this Powerful Partner that is wanting a conscious exchange with you—to work out the problems of life; to see your desires and future achievements!  The TA knows you intimately and there is nothing that can come between you—not even your poor choices. 

“Hello my Beloved Indwelling, let me show you what I AM thinking—can you assist me please?”

Dare you try this and see how powerful conscious contact is?

I AM Vutia

Receiver’s note: It is through conscious contact with the TA that we, as citizens of Urantia, are preparing for the obsolescence of the first mansion world as we transform our minds, then our world, to emulate the higher worlds of light (as above—so below).Conscious Contact is the experience of progress in the present moment. Mansion world citizens are taught to hone their ability to engage in conscious contact with the TA.  Greater attunement in conscious contact leads to fusion with the TA—the crowning achievement of all progressing souls.

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