Consciousness, Conscience, Soul, and Divine Guidance

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Chris: Teachers, a question was asked, “What is the difference between human consciousness and the soul? How does conscience and Thought Adjuster guidance differ?

Teacher Ophelius: Thank you for the questions. First let me say that the explanation of consciousness and the soul are subject to the primitive forms of human language and human intellect which limits or constrains the more concise meanings for which they may be understood by the morontial mind or spirit mind. We shall then proceed with this caveat in mind in 600 words or less!

Consciousness is that part of you that is alive and self-aware which is a part of the One Consciousness—the mind of the Creator. When you are born into the material world, the Universe Mother Spirit endows you with the spark of life and “activates” your consciousness. This is your operating system and it interfaces with your human brain which acts as a transceiver to process your experiences and all the expressions of thought and feelings in the material plane. Like a computer, your “operating system” at birth is very basic and has little or no applications (third party software) which to use until it is programmed by the “testing” of the environment (learning) which then allows the personality to take charge of the methods of learning using the compilation of wisdom—comparing and determining probable outcomes based on past decisions and actions. This is coincident with the building of the library of meanings and values that may be useful for the co-creative expression of the Indwelling Spirit—your life guide, divine partner, and spiritual coordinator. Free will allows the personality (via consciousness) to function by choice to act and or react to the conditions of the environment, build relationships; and whether or not to follow spirit leadings. Consciousness is so much more and cannot be adequately explained here in one paragraph.

The soul is a collection of those meanings, values, and experiences that the Spirit “specifies” as having survival value and that is in alignment with all things True, Beautiful, and Good. The Indwelling Spirit is preparing you for your morontial life in the hereafter—like packing a suitcase for a long journey, the Indwelling Spirit only packages those needful things in the soul that you may make use of in the long journey ahead. When you awaken in the resurrection halls of mansonia, your consciousness shall then be reconnected to the vessel of the soul containing those surviving meanings, values, and experiences from your former life. You shall then continue your learning and co-creative expression in a new environment with much greater capacity for thinking, learning, and co-creative expression with the Indwelling Spirit—life continues—consciousness continues to operate, but with a new and expanded set of parameters.

Conscience is a human form of reflective thought that compares the thoughts and or conduct of the personality with learned values conditioned by societal memes for which decisions about the value of the self in relationship to others is preconceived. This is sometimes called the “inner critic” and is not related to the leadings or guidance of the Indwelling Spirit. Conscience has to do with human ethics and self-conduct associated with the conditions of planetary life—the Indwelling Spirit speaks and guides human consciousness to understand universal truth and eternal values when the conditions or situations of planetary life or inner thought become aligned with these truths and values for which the Indwelling Spirit may use as a “teachable moment.” Conscience and divine guidance may be perceived as being similar in the human mind, but they are not.

I hope this brief and crude explanation was helpful to your understanding of these complex subjects?

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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