Communicate Your Feelings

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to speak about the way in which you communicate and how often human language becomes misunderstood because it is processed differently in each of you.  It is largely an inexact and simplified form of thought translation that is dependent on your ability to associate word meanings with ideas.  The greater the vocabulary, the closer can you come to the intended thought expression.  The most difficult translation is the association of words with human emotions, and because you humans are highly emotional, the true expression of your feelings suffer in human relationships, and this is why so many live in conflict with those closest to them—the inability to say what they think and feel.

On other worlds throughout the universes there are beings capable of many forms of communication.  The most efficient are those beings that use telepathy—direct thought to thought communication.  With these types of beings, there is little that can be misunderstood as long as there is a somewhat similar maturity of mind.  There will come a time on your world in the distant future where humans will evolve and develop this telepathic communication which will supplant the verbal.  This is also the preferred method of communication for morontia beings used on the mansion worlds.  There, your thoughts are available to all and there can be no misunderstanding or deception—all will be revealed.

It is important that you all work on your expression of feelings into words and heal those relationships that are closest to you.  Many of you have already developed a low level method of telepathy which you are largely unaware of, yet because you are all connected and indwelled by the Spirit of God, communication at this higher level does not immediately register in the conscious mind, yet is perceived in the sub-conscious and the super-conscious mind (soul mind).  One example of this higher form of communication is when two people are expressing love for each other.  They can communicate with just a look, a smile, or a touch.

Human sexuality is a higher form of communication that registers in the soul mind when two people are expressing the highest concept of unconditional understanding (unfiltered expression).  No words need be spoken and there is no misunderstanding in communication.  The soul mind takes over and communicates telepathically during this physical/mental/spiritual encounter.  In this case, the physical becomes the gateway to the spiritual—the higher path to the soul.  Most people on your world have completely wrong ideas about sexuality and what it really is.  Most of you understand the reproductive function of sexuality, yet few understand the higher telepathic benefits of soul expansion through this higher form of communication.

To bring your world into the age of Light and Life, is it vital that humans communicate authentically and express their thoughts and feelings in the spirit of oneness and unconditional understanding.  You all share the Spark of the Creator that lives within you, and you all share the potential to become perfect and Godlike.  You are all siblings with similar destinies growing up together on the same planet.  Love one another and express the highest form of unconditional understanding.  Free your mind, master your emotions—communicate your feelings.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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