Co-creativity, Opportunity, and Divine Timing

Location: Michigan, USA
Date: 1 Mar 2015
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today, my dear friends, we would like to speak about co-creativity, opportunity, and divine timing. How do you bring a desired experience into manifestation, and what steps do you take to set the energies of the universe in motion? How should you think about it—do you simply make a wish and wait for it to appear? Wish making, in and of itself, will not bring the experience into manifestation, for there is a real process involved that you must participate in as a co-creator of your reality.

“Co-creator” means you are in partnership with the “Creator” and therefore should you be aware of this divine partnership and your purpose as a child of the Creator. As we are all the children of this creator—you, me, Spirit, we all work together because we are all in unity with the Great Plan and therefore do we (spirit) want to help shape your experiences in a way that will bring the greatest benefit to you, me, and Spirit as a whole. Sounds like a lot of responsibility does it not? .

You might ask, “How does it benefit Spirit, if I experience a certain desire that appears to only benefit myself in this time and in this material world?” If the desire to have a new experience is something that helps you or others to grow in some way, however subtle, or in great degree, it is a worthy desire and an experience that the Creator wants to share with you as lived through your life and personality and for which the circumstance thereof has never occurred before in all the universe. Although the desired experience may be similar to that of many others, it is unique to you and your life, and like a branch on a tree, it will sprout new pathways that lead to other unique experiences that move you, others, and Spirit one micro-degree closer to perfection and universe completion (the Great Plan). The things you do and experience today will affect the decisions you make tomorrow that add to the momentum that drives the Great Plan (the Creator’s Will).

Wish making is not to be discounted, for it is the seed bearer of ideas that may become the catalyst for decisions (intention) that drive some action on your part that will put in motion the energies that will bring about the desired experience. Ideas (step one) must be followed up with decisions and actions (step two). Once the intention is in place, Spirit can create the opportunities (open doors) that can bring that intention to the optimal agencies which will return to you as an opportunity to make more decisions. A succession of decisions will fine-tune your intention (focus) and continued path of actions until that time when the desire becomes a reality.

Do you see the co-creative nature of this cooperative system of desire, intention, and opportunity? It is a system of feedback and signposts that point to the open door. Those that are attuned and aware (focused) at a higher level will see the door and walk through it. Sensing and seizing the right opportunities is the third step. Asking spirit for help by organizing your thoughts about the desire, the path, and the outcome helps spirit go to work for you—it allows us (spirit) to be your agent without violating your free will.

Divine timing therefore is the apex (the auspicious moment) where all the energies put in motion by your decisions and the agencies that help create the opportunities for its manifestation come together at an optimal time—when conditions are most favorable. Faith, perseverance, and intuition (knowing) are the final steps that will help you maintain focus and see your desire come into reality.

We see so many good ideas die at the “wishing well” because the steps needed to complete the transaction are missing or never acted on. Please know that there is a reality to this process and that you must participate in it. Now, what experience would you like to have, my dear friend—we are listening?

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven