Bridging the Gap

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today's lesson is on  bridging the gap between space-time and time-space—the reality of the material, and the reality of the spiritual.  It is important for you to know about both of these realities, for they each work together to prepare the soul for the next phase of existence—your graduation to mansion world life where you begin in earnest the preparation and planning of your ascendant career—the path to finality—to find God and to become like Him in perfection.

Bridging the gap, or piercing the veil, as some would say, can be accomplished in many ways—communicate, communicate, communicate.  Communication can be in the form of prayer, worship, or meditation (stillness).  In each of these forms there is an exchange of light and information. Changes and exchanges take place in this gap between space-time and time-space, also referred to as the super-consciousness.  This is the clearing house of the soul-mind and this is where the exchange of information takes place between spirit and physical realities. The leadings of your Indwelling Spirit are whispered in this gap as are all other forms of guidance and spirit teaching.  The receiving of this message is first heard in the super-conscious where it then passes into the conscious mind.

Learning to access this channel to the soul is paramount to achieving Godlikeness.  It is no different than flexing a muscle to achieve endurance—the more you communicate, the greater becomes the channel for light and information to flow.  The more times you travel the path, the easier is it to find and access this storehouse of soul-wealth, truth, and knowledge.  When you access the network of divinity, and then transmute that light and information into action in the material world, you are doing the Will of the Creator—you are co-creating reality.  The more times we drink from this well, the greater becomes our bucket.  Through providential action God enlarges our capacity to receive love as we in turn enlarge our willingness to show love to our brothers and sisters.  It is this constant exchange that happens in the gap that continues to fuel our perfection hunger and our need to seek and to do the Will of the Creator.

When you pray, you are sending a request for information and guidance into the gap.  Your faith becomes the postage that ensures delivery of the request to pass from space-time, into time-space.  Worship is the personal channel for which the exchange of love passes from parent to child, child to parent, God to man.   Meditation—stillness, is the filtering mechanism that allows the divine frequency of light and information from time-space to re-assembled into thoughts and feelings that are understood by the finite mind.  The more you communicate and learn to use the gap, the greater will become your understanding of divine frequency, and therefore will the filter begin to open up and allow for greater throughput, and ultimately, greater understanding and doing of the Creator's Will.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven

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