Behold Something of Beauty

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 13 Oct 2019
Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Receiver: Chris Maurus

There is a saying on your world that “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.”  While this is certainly a valid philosophic euphemism of individual choice, it does require that you actually take the time to “behold” something of beauty.  The minds of Urantians are often busy with the mundane experiences of their labors and filled with the shocking news of how cruel their world is and the perplexing behaviors of people who cause suffering for themselves and others. If you were to chart how much time you spend in an average week beholding something beautiful, you would be shocked to discover how poor in spirit you really are.  Beauty can disarm even the most aggressive behavior and inspire creative genius. When you make more time for beholding the beauty of your world, instead of the ugliness, you will discover that you want more of this in your life and you will want to share it with others.

Charting a course to an enlightened world—a world at peace—a world moving toward Light and Life, requires that you see and seek for more beauty in your waking moments.  Things that are beautiful reveal the divine pattern—the Master Architect, and when beholding such things, your mind connects to the vibration of that divine pattern.  Think about those times where you may have been in a pristine place in nature—untouched by human civilization?  How did you feel being there?  Did you feel peace?  Did you find your spirit elevated?  Did your mind soak up and behold this beauty in memory, and did it leave an imprint on your soul?  Do you have a desire to see and feel that connection with nature again?

When you are in connection with the divine pattern of beauty, something happens at the core of your being—there is a drawing power—it moves you to a place where you subconsciously recognize that you have a desire to achieve a more perfected state—like the pattern you are beholding and experiencing.  The beauty of nature, art, literature, music, dance, architecture—these are all forms of divine pattern, and to immerse yourself in these things, you begin to assimilate and reflect the divine pattern in your personality, your thoughts, and ultimately in your actions—the beauty you create in and around your world.

Beauty connects individuals that are separated by differences in culture and conditioning—all human minds recognize the divine pattern at various levels of awareness, and the more aware you are of it, the more do you and others find the common ground of your humanness.  Two musicians on opposite sides of the planet can come together and find beauty and joy in each others love for music and when these two individuals are focused on the divine pattern inherent in music, the cultural differences quickly fade and may even become something to celebrate as having added diversity to the divine pattern of music.

This idea of using beauty as a bridge to peace and brotherhood is something that can be useful in finding ways to a peaceful co-existence.  As above, so below.  When you ascend to the higher worlds you will find that they are exquisitely adorned by beauty, for beauty and divine pattern are everywhere in the Grand Universe.  This immersion in beauty perpetuates the assimilation of god-likeness—its drawing power (spirit gravity) pulls you toward your destiny—to stand in Finality of relative perfection before the Universal Father on Paradise.

Can you find something beautiful in your day today and recognize the divine pattern?  See if you can “behold it” and make note of how it makes you feel?  How many of these moments can you gather?  I challenge you—these are the moments that go with you into eternity!

Be beautiful,

I AM Uteah

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