Become a Powerful Unified Expression

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

My Dear Students,

The personal focus of the Universal Father is within each of you—known to you as the Indwelling Spirit Presence of the Father—the Thought Adjuster.  This Fragment of the Universal Father is pre-personal and is wholly dedicated and devoted to you and to your personality survival into eternity.  Understanding the pre-personal nature of the Thought Adjuster is important for you to build a relationship with this Fragment of Deity.  Learning how to integrate your personality with this pre-personal nature unleashes the power of conscious co-creation—you and the Adjuster can become a powerful unified expression of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in your reality and in your world.  

It is difficult for human mind to comprehend something that is pre-personal because you only recognize and have experience in relationships with other beings who have their own self-will and personalities—wholly apart and separate (yet connected) from your own.  The Thought Adjusters are pre-personal, meaning “without personhood” in that they express their creative prerogatives through your will and personality without exerting any personality distinction that would usurp your volition to act as the captain of your reality.  They do however, express volition in their focus, as a replete intimate Spirit Operator and coordinator, to guide their mortal subjects to understand the values derived from moral choosing.  The Adjusters act as an arbiter for the building of character—duplicating and collecting only those progressive experiences and values that result from the pursuit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—keeping them vouched safe in the soul-trust for continuity in the ascendant life hereafter.

Without the conscious acknowledgment of your partnership, the Adjuster must wait and work in the background of your mind pointing and suggesting, unconsciously, the way forward—all the while observing your free-will choices to fail or to succeed at discovering some new value or life lesson that shall contribute to the person you are becoming.  Many go thorough life following the unconscious leading of the Adjuster—to their benefit and to those around them in life, but seldom do they work in conscious co-creation using their will and intention as a partner with the Indwelling Spirit.  Sadly, the Adjusters are underutilized and the opportunity for great soul progress is thwarted or delayed.

The moment of your discovery of this “God within” opens up the possibilities for you to use your will and intentions in concert with the Adjusters creative prerogatives.  The power to create becomes “inherent” as you attune your will with the Will of the Universal Father.  “Attunement” means to align with the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  When you think, will, intend, and ultimately choose to “do” those things that are creative, loving, selfless, and in service to others, that conduit between the Adjuster and you, where the creative prerogatives flow, opens ever wider.  The possibilities for potentials to become actualities (reality) becomes nigh limitless.

Many believe that it is not in their “character” to show affection, or kindness, or compassion—to act selfless, but this is an illusion—for all human minds are imbued with this limitless supply of unconditional love as an inherent part of their being where the Adjuster dwells—and it is not withheld!  It takes courage to step outside of this thinking of unworthiness and actually “do” something out of character and experience for the first time an attunement moment where the Spirit moves through you!

I challenge you, dear students, to act on faith and to do something to experience an attunement moment—do something that might be “out of character” that reflects the “attitude of Spirit” and you shall feel within you a powerful alignment where the creative prerogative flows—and when this occurs, know that it is not something foreign to you, but is the “real you” finding purpose and contributing to the completion of universe destiny—a universe citizen being born!

You don’t need permission, go and do good.

I AM Uteah

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