Be you perfect in your Own Day and Time - Part 1

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear One, the question has been asked about what it means to answer the Universal Father’s edict to “Be perfect, as I AM perfect,” and more specifically, what means for you: those living on Urantia? Certainly perfection, in and of itself, is something that is not attainable on the evolutionary worlds of time, but there is a “standard” that is set for those at each planetary level of evolutionary status, meaning: “Be you perfect in your own day and time.” Because life on each evolutionary world develops uniquely and stands at various stages of development, with respect to Light and Life status, there are different standards set for each as an expected “curve” of normal development and growth as it is viewed from your planetary administrators: the Planetary Prince, the System Sovereign, and the Most Highs of Edentia.

On very young planets where will creatures are still working out the vicissitudes of primitive life having had very little development in science or culture, the bar is set rather low with the expectation that they will follow the path of tribe against tribe warfare while developing tools and more cunning ways to kill each other. At this level of development, there are few, if any, Thought Adjusters (TAs) of fusion status indwelling these creature minds. At best, TAs may indwell these minds temporarily to gain experience with the biological mind mechanisms for that species as it may later (in time) be evolving to a fusion status creature.

Once a Planetary Prince and his staff come to an evolutionary world, the bar is raised with respect to the guidance and education that is afforded the surrounding tribes of natives. They are taught many things from farming, building, raising cattle, sanitation, personal hygiene, to the basic cosmology of the universe and spiritual realities including the worship of the Universal Father. They are also given codes of conduct for which they are expected to adopt when participating in the educational activities in the centers of the Planetary Prince and his staff. It is here where men and women first develop their societies and primitive governments as they take what they have learned back to their peoples.

Later, when an Adamic pair (Adam and Eve) come to a world, the bar is raised yet again as the biology of the natives are elevated with the infusion of the Violet bloodline from the Adamic progeny. Spiritual development from this point begins to “ramp up” and these creatures then move from merely obeying the laws of conduct to knowing with greater surety the leadings of the Indwelling Spirit as more and more of them begin to receive TAs of possible fusion status.

Once a Magisterial Son, or a Creator Son visits the planet, the bar is raised yet again and the TAs flock to these worlds in great numbers which have been prepared by the Spirit of Truth to indwell the minds of those creatures for fusion potential. From this point, the planet is on an upward curve of development in both science and spirituality.

Everything I have just described (greatly abridged) to you is more or less the “normal” curve of planetary evolution and expectation. However, your world, being classed as an experimental world and one that has been involved in a system wide rebellion for over 200,000 years, has had a “relapse” in growth and spiritual development, and so it is that the standard set for those who live their lives on Urantia is “adjusted” for their “day and time.” In part 2 of this message we shall look more closely at what that standard is and how it relates to your current development.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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