Augment the Quality of your Decisions

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

 My Dear Students,

I am ever sharpening your understanding of the relationship with the Thought Adjuster (TA) to bring you to a place of greater integration with this Divine Fragment of the Universal Father that you may experience the fullest expression of the human and Divine Will through the activation of the I AM.  There are ways for you to use your human mind and your human will to augment the quality of your decisions such that you may accelerate the growth of your soul and experience a heightened awareness of the TA’s pre-will and guidance.  

The “soul-mind” is the super-material (morontia) “middle ground” between the Divine Mind and the human mind—it is born in the inner life where human mind recognizes the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of divine leading and acts coordinately and co-creatively with that leading—either consciously or unconsciously.  The resulting experiences, values, and meanings derived from the human and divine partnership become the “trust” of the evolving morontia soul—it is the “becoming” eternal personality of Finaliter potential—seeking to become god-like.  The soul is the living storehouse of these progressive transactions.

As you live your human life using your human mind—the mind that is temporarily on loan to you during your terrestrial life in and with your material vehicle (body), you begin a journey to discover both the conditions of the material world and the inner life where mind seeks for meanings and experiences feelings.  You might recognize the soul-mind when your moral choices are in alignment with divine leading through the expression of love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance—the fruits of the Spirit—they are the indicators of soul-mind evolution.

As the soul-mind evolves and grows, this “middle ground” between the TA and your human mind becomes more capable in its ability to “translate” and equalize the disparity between the divine mind and the human mind not unlike a translator between two people speaking different languages.  There will come a time in the life of those humans that are wanting a greater more intimate relationship with their TAs that they may dedicate the inner-life to the pursuit of this partnership.  In doing so, the evolving soul may facilitate greater attunement by augmenting human choice such that human mind increasingly appeals to TA leading over reactions by the lower human nature.

You may, in agreement with your TA and by your free will allowance, ask that your soul (mid-mind) become more dominant in your thought-life and in your moral choosing.  The TA may then acknowledge this as a supreme desire and the I AM shall increasingly become the gatekeeper of your thoughts and moral choices by giving voice to this “translator” (the soul) in hearing more clearly the Divine Will.  This is why I have revealed to you the idea of the triunity of the I AM that you may make real this “unifier” of human and divine will.  The I AM is the “conjoined actor” of your personal triunity that takes on a more dominant role in your thought-life and in the decisions you make.  Your supreme desire to give greater expression to Spirit though your life experiences activates potentials within this pattern of Trinity.  The weighty soul therefore, becomes active—not passive, and may accelerate spiritual growth through conscious participation in the attunement of human mind.

There is always more to learn,

I AM Uteah

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