An Increasingly Aware Population

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Your world has been given the “green light” by the High Administrators of the universe to move into the era of Light and Life.  This is now a fact of elect planetary status.  With that election come many changes in the rules of engagement with the souls that live on the planet as well as those souls that are in transition.  The one most decisive factor in the achievement of Light and Life is the conscious acceptance for the reality of the Indwelling Presence of the Universal Father in an increasingly aware population.  This conscious acceptance by a small contingent of souls first becomes the anchor for a growing contingent that shall later affect the leadership of planetary affairs and key initiatives in social restructuring to bring the planet to the first stage of Light and Life.  Your participation as a contingent (anchor) requires that you understand this election process.

In any executive process to bring about change requires that there be a discovery period that precludes the events and actions that are to be set in motion to achieve the desired outcome.  In the case of Urantia, that period of discovery is about over and the administrators have learned a great deal about what actions are needed to begin the dispensation that changes the rules of engagement.  There are many of you reading this message that have been a part of this discovery contingent—a small number of individuals that were willing to be led by your Thought Adjusters to learn about the unique problems Urantia faces in moving away from the confusion of the Lucifer Rebellion.

Many of you have wondered why such a small number of people in a population of about seven billion know about the Thought Adjuster or have even thumbed through the pages of the Urantia Papers?  You may even think that you have consciously contributed little to this discovery effort, but in fact you have by association (relationship) with the Thought Adjuster (TA).  The TAs learn through your experience and they all communicate with each other, and with this communication, all souls begin to respond in the super-conscious mind (soul-mind) to this collective understanding.  Those souls that are learning to understand the reality of the Thought Adjusters are considered “Primary Anchors.”  This means that you are willing to participate in the process, and for that, many of you are often visited by the Seraphim of the Reserve Corps of Destiny.

Knowing this should give you a sense of greater responsibility for service (not egocentric privilege). This does not require anything from you other than your own will and desire to see Urantia and its people realize peace, love, and understanding.  To make it your mission to be of service to this cause is a personal soul developmental objective that is entirely up to you, and when you move in this direction you can be assured that all the needed resources are made available to you per the level of your commitment and dedication to that service.

What you are confirming to the TA through your life experience is how well you respond to the leading and insights the TA finds successful in its approach to attune your mind.  As more of the various human mind types (in the anchor group) are responding successfully to their TAs, that information is shared with all TAs on Urantia that they may assimilate these techniques in their attunement process.  These techniques may or may not work with the souls they indwell and is dependent on the level of personality maturity and soul willingness to overcome deficiencies.  Overall, the outcome of TA communication is improved and does lead to an increasing population of TA aware citizens.  This is the decisive factor in breaking the cycle of confusion and darkness on a planet such as Urantia.

Please realize how important your understanding of the TA is in your own development as well as how it helps the entire planet!  You are making a difference!  Your success is our success!

Always for your growth,

I AM Uteah

Receivers Note: Uteah is wanting us to understand how rare it is for Urantians to consciously work with their Thought Adjusters—that even having this knowledge provides and opening for greater TA attunement. When life experience becomes integral with the relationship between human and TA, it benefits all of humanity.

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