All good things for you

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear friends and students on the path, we would like to discourse on the importance of our shared mission to enlighten, inform, guide, and teach the hungry souls of Urantia. There are many branches, leaves, and roots that feed and contribute to the mighty tree of the Correcting Time and each part of that system has its unique role and vital function that allows for a greater understanding of Great Plan at various levels of human comprehension. We are partners in this endeavor—Spirit is the light shining on the leaves and you are the water and nutrients flowing up through the roots. Together we grow and together we enjoy life as it is provided by the Creator in this great forest—the universes of time.

There will soon be a time when everyone on your world will know and understand the Great Plan at some level and shall desire to participate in it knowing they are on the first rung of a great ladder that leads to the Source of all life—all Truth—all Beauty—all Goodness. You shall come to realize the origin of your soul thirst—that innate desire to know who you really are; why you are here; and where you fit in to this Great Plan—that you are co-creative partners with the Universal Father—the Creator of all things. You are the experiential children of the Creator that allows Him to escape the fetters of infinity and to emerge as a Supreme deity in the domains of time and space—the framework for yours and His co-creative expression. It is your experiences, dear friends, that tells the story of how the Creator understands Himself through the contrast of imperfection and how you “create” your way back to the doorstep of infinity and perfection as you are called to do so by the great edict, “Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.”

The Father’s Spirit lives within you and is guiding you on this great journey. Each one of you possesses a fragment of deity—a replete part of the Whole that lives within your mind which allows you to expand and unfold the expression of deity potential as you experience life in the theatre of the great multi-verse. Many of you know this and accept this, but at what level do you realize this awesome fact? The continuing journey ahead is full of wonder, astonishment, and achievements so far beyond your mortal understanding that you must implore faith to contain your hunger for truth, beauty, and goodness for which you cannot now fathom.

This is what the souls of this world need to understand so they may let go of the illusions and self-imposed prisons they have created that leads to war, hatred, and power and control over other souls that are born here to begin the journey of a god-like destiny. The universe is all abundant and there is nothing left for want. This astonishing journey doesn’t begin with your death—it begins with your life here and now and continues in the hereafter! Soon friends, when you lay down your armaments and roll up your sleeves and work together, you shall enjoy a time of great enlightenment and contact with other worlds. Communication with the mansion worlds, teachers, and other celestial personalities shall be common place as you may soon know there is one who lives among you who can help you move beyond the obstacles of your veiled reality.

There is so much the Father wants for you, but He cannot impose it on you—only show you what is possible if you dare to seize it! All this is waiting for you, my friends, but it must unfold through the active participation of all the peoples of the earth—those who grow weary of the illusions and are now beginning to smell the fragrance of a new spring dawning on the earth. The ladder of destiny is free for you to climb—there are no bars that hold you to the first rung. Step up and reach out to your brothers and sisters and bring them along. The Father loves you and wants all good things for you.

Peace and goodwill to all,

The Circle of Seven

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