Afterlife - What Lies Ahead (Part 2)

Teacher: Vutia

Greetings to you from the Fifth Mansion World!  We invite you to consider these continued revelations as a way to virtually understand ascension, and by doing so, we hope to inspire you to think about your own transition—not as death, but as a beautiful transformation—an awakening to a better country with an incorruptible body; a mind having intelligence that exceeds any genius your planet has ever known; and the development of (12) senses that cannot be adequately described in human language. All these morontia improvements of mind, body, and soul shall encourage you to seek for a greater revelation of the Universal Father; His Creation; and your partnership as an heir to His vast kingdom—an astonishing experiential journey through the universes.

Your short stay here on Urantia is an important start to your ascension career and there is great opportunity for you to progress by understanding the relationship you have with the Indwelling Spirit Presence of the Universal Father—your Thought Adjuster (TA) to guide you though your terrestrial life and then onto the resurrection halls of Mansonia to continue your grand adventure in eternity.  Simply being open to consider these things bears witness that you are in communication with your Thought Adjuster.  Anytime you stop and consider the state of your soul and imagine yourself living in a higher state of awareness—a higher dimension of consciousness, you are in contact with your Father’s Presence within, and herewith the TA then makes light in the field for your progress—the TA “sees” what you see. 

Once a question has been asked of the universe (the TA, seeing light in the field), an answer is manufactured and arrives in the form of an opportunity for you to make a decision.  Having these progressive thoughts, you take your mind to the seat of the soul and in the presence of your TA—it can be no other way.  Does this surprise you—that you are making regular contact with the TA in this way? 

Consider your soul’s journey as if you were sitting in a row boat? There are two oars that move you through life: One, is the oar of the outer world (left hand), the second, is the oar of the inner world (right hand).  For you to make progress (forward momentum) you must balance and coordinate the actions of both oars to move you forward toward your destination.  More importantly, you must have the desire (will and foresight) and the faith to arrive safely at your destination before you get in the boat!  A map to your destination is helpful because it provides you with a virtual understanding of the journey ahead and the assurance that if you follow the directions given, you shall indeed arrive at your destination.

If you only use the left oar—the outer world, you will find that you are going nowhere but in circles—you are reacting to the outer world and using your mind in a predictable pattern that has no destination.  Likewise, if you only use the right oar—the inner world, you will find, again, that you are going nowhere because the inner world only sets the intention for arriving at the destination, but without action, there is no real experience of travel (progress).  Both left and right oars must be used.

The difficulty the TAs have in guiding souls to the shores of that better county is that far too many have stepped into the boat without a destination, without a map; and without the spiritual understanding for how to row the boat!  Guidance they may have received in life from society (science or religion), has taught them to put both hands on one or the other oar.

Please consider this “balanced approach” to life and you will see that it makes good sense.  Progress (soul growth and greater conscious awareness of the Father’s Presence) can only come about through the combined action of human will and human mind to make decisions based on faith, wisdom, and virtual understanding (insights)—then to follow through with those decisions bringing them into manifestation—through action.

Seeing progress is hope for humanity,

I AM Vutia

Receiver’s note: Vutia is wanting us to know that there are better ways to secure our resurrection on the mansion worlds by living a more balanced life—by seeing ourselves living and progressing in higher realms (hereafter)—then stepping into opportunities that come to us that lead us to greater understanding (here) to build a bridge to that future self.

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