Actuate your Budding Potentials

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

My Dear Students,

Many of you are enthusiastic about working directly with your Thought Adjuster (TA)—to attune and to consecrate your will that you may advance and progress in your spiritual understanding of the Divine Gift.  This is a needful attitude—to hold the constancy of the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father living and working in your mind—leading you to discover the untapped potentials as a future Finalitor destined to stand before the Universal Father on Paradise. Holding this long-range view is essential, but to actuate your budding potentials, here and now, requires you to experience the co-ordinate and co-creative aspects of a spirit-led life.

What exactly does this mean?  Many of you are unsure how to approach a relationship with the Thought Adjuster because you don’t have a clear understanding of the application.  This is understandable because your world is largely ignorant of the knowledge and framework of universe cosmology and deity expression; universe destiny; and soul evolution.  You students are fortunate that you have discovered the Urantia Papers and have detailed knowledge of the purpose and ministry of the Thought Adjusters.  Yet knowledge alone cannot mature the personality and bring you into attunement, or ascertain your Psychic Circles assuring your survival and passage to the shores of mansion world life.  Only living experience can transcend the virtual destinies you see in the constructs of your mind and build the Morontia reality of a surviving soul.

Example: A medical student can only spend a limited amount of time in study, and must, at some point, demonstrate what he has learned and apply that knowledge on the healing of patients.  It is through the transcending experience of application and interaction with real people and their needs that experience turns into wisdom.  The decisions along the way that lead to progress in good medical practice become the basis for future decision making in diverse problem solving.  A “good doctor” is someone who “practices” and becomes wise in the diagnosis of disease because of diverse experience and the decisions made that led to successful outcomes in past applications.

In the spiritual sense, the application of soul building and personality maturity requires you to “practice” the application of peace, love, and understanding as you live, work, and play with your fellows.  The thought processes and the decisions made along the way is where the relationship with the Thought Adjuster can be more clearly understood.  This is where the TA inserts divine application.  It requires you to “think” not react.  Thoughts come before decisions and actions.  The TA “adjusts” your thoughts, so it must be that before you decide or act, you must think.  To have a relationship with your TA requires you to be conscious of the presence of the Divine Indwelling, then to bring the TA into the process of thinking before decisions and actions.

You may not audibly hear your TA speak, but as you think and weigh all the options, your TA may insert subtle guidance using feelings, ideas, and imagery that leads to an outcome of higher good.  The practice of inner dialog with the TA while in deep thought shall produce greater and greater results as you learn to trust in these co-creative thoughts; subtle feelings; and imaginings—this is divine leading!

Go now into that place where the TA speaks—into deep thought—asking questions—seeking answers—contemplating your future growth—your hopes and dreams—your next creation!

Revealing the not-so-obvious,

I AM Uteah

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