A Period of Recess

Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus

Dear Friends,

As I have indicated in my previous communication, “The Changing of the Guard,” we have entered a period of recess with Trinity Teacher Uteah.  I do not know in human measures how long this recess will be, but she has indicated to me that she is preparing for the “second phase” of her ministry to Urantia.  She is impressing upon me that this is a time where her students are to remain vigilant and to rely more on their own personal guidance teams and continue to develop the all-important relationship with their Thought Adjusters.  Uteah has provided us a wealth of spiritual knowledge in her transmissions over the last few years and she is asking you to please review those lessons, for in between the lines there is something new for each of you to discover—something you weren’t ready for at the time, but may be ready for now as your spiritual maturity has brought you to a new place of understanding.

Uteah also indicated that she remains available to all her students personally should they require her insights during this interim period of recess—she is not disconnecting from her students, only her public co-creative releases will have an interlude.  For me personally, this is a challenging time having been consistently fed by her and other beings of light over the last 12 years.  It is both exciting and somewhat concerning that there are such changes taking place in the creation of a  “template” for Urantia’s rebirth into a new era, but I have every confidence that however this rebirth manifests, it shall be something that exceeds all of our greatest expectations.

Many of us take for granted that these great personalities of light that guides us know everything that shall occur on Urantia in the future, and we do understand that they are quite capable of calculating probabilities based on current conditions with astounding accuracy.  What we fail to understand is that there are two things that can cause “deviations” to their projections—human free will, and acts of deity.  Human free will is only a minor deviation, but acts of deity can be complete game changers.

I am reminded of what Jesus said—that He would return to Urantia, but He also said that “no one” but the Heavenly Father shall know when this shall occur.  In this statement He is defining an act of deity and no celestial or human will know the day and hour of his return.  You can apply this exclusion to our current planetary administration, for they do not account for any unforeseen events in their projections for an act of deity, yet they most certainly know that these things do and have occurred.  Given the precarious history and circumstances of our planet—being the bestowal world of Christ Michael and having suffered from one of the most devastating and entrenched rebellions of any planet in the grand universe—including the Adamic default, certainly if any act of deity was to occur, it would be here on Urantia.

The Universal Father, regardless of His distributive nature, maintains the power, the authority, and the right to act in any matter in His creation as He deems necessary for the Great Plan to succeed, and I am confident that He will do this without breaking any of His universal laws—and especially the free-will imperative.  Christ Michael and the Universal Father are unified in all these matters, for all power in the heavens and on Earth have been given to the Son.

Let us—the children of this beneficent loving Creator, do our part in the Great Plan by consecrating our will with His and complete the bridge by building our relationship with His indwelling Presence within us.

Peace to all of you,


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