A Dynamic Transformation

Teacher: The Scribe

Dear child, you have taken notice in the changing tide of frequencies bathing this planet and you are sensitive to its effect like a canary in a coal mine. Your subtle fields and your nervous system are building up to tolerate these new energies and your sleep patterns are disturbed. You feel the spinning energies in your chakras and you are drawn to those high places in nature where you can ground yourself with mother Urantia. You feel vibrations in various places in and around your body and have this sense of purpose that soon you shall take your place as a sentinel in a grid and become a conduit for the transmutation of even greater energies yet to be poured out on Urantia. You are seeking validation.

Urantia is going through an increasingly dynamic transformation, and in a symbiotic-like relationship, you and many others are changing and transforming into an instrument of the Father’s Will. The mass consciousness on this planet will begin to recognize that something has changed and those who are more aligned with these new energies will themselves begin to interpret Father’s Will and create new ways to manifest His divine ideas. As the Master said in His parable about the talents, “…those that have shall be given more, while those that have not, even that which they have shall be taken away.” These new energies have a polarizing effect on consciousness and each soul on this planet will have to choose whether to participate in the transformation or to turn against the tide of love and unity and play out their selfish pursuits in destructive ways.

Those who are “luke warm” being neither “here nor there” shall find themselves in much confusion as their disconnected soul-hearts begin to beat for the first time. Like frightened lost children, they shall search for the missing pieces of their soul and will look to others for answers. It shall be a time of great harvest for the workers of light and they are to prepare themselves for the multitudes that are so fragile and in need of direction. This is a sacred duty and much prayer and stillness is needed to guide these searching souls.

Teach the teachers, dear Child—that is your personal priority, for others shall multiply the fishes and the loaves. Waste no time on the skeptics, and focus your energies where they can do the most good. When you are in need of strength, call on your Divine Parents, Christ Michael and Mother Spirit, for they are always at the ready to give you what you need. More “intrinsic” instruction will be forthcoming as your Father Fragment weeps His divine influence upon you—stillness and deep thought are required.

Call on me at any time,

I AM the Scribe

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