Circle of Love

Date: 24 Jun 2012
Author: Chris Maurus

I recently received a question from a reader about the post "Circle of Love", a prayer from the Circle of Seven. After receiving an answer from the Circle, I thought it would be a great teaching moment for many.

The reader asked this question:

Q. Will you ask Ophelius what he means when he says that we are imperfect? The reason is, I am trying to understand the concept of oneness - my understanding is: If we are one with God, and God is perfect, and God created us in the image of him, how can we be imperfect, I feel like we are saying God is imperfect. Is Ophelius referring to the ego being imperfect? Because the ego only knows separation and will always be imperfect BUT ego will always think its perfect .... I am confused.

Thank you for helping me understand.

A. Anything less than absolute is imperfect. God is all wise, all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere present. He is both thing and no-thing, actual and potential, He IS Paradox. The one thing God has not, is experience. We, as evolutionary creatures were created imperfect by design so that we may evolve, learn, and experience life in the universes (the creation) so that God can have experience.

Oneness is that knowing (feeling the connection) that you are a part of the creation-the vehicle for the attainment of experiential wisdom-Oneness, that you, me, and every sentient being in the universes are a part of the whole-the God of experience, God the Supreme. If you were perfect, you would be like God in all ways-all wise, all knowing, all powerful. You are not.

Imperfection is not a handicap, it is a blessing, for you are given the opportunity to participate in the creation. Blessed are you child, that you feel the oneness-you are becoming aware of your place in the universe as a child of the Creator and universe citizen. To feel Oneness, is to know you are ascending toward perfection.

Ascension is a process of learning and experience-forward progression toward perfection. You are more perfect today than you were yesterday. Perfection is like infinity-you can count to any number and still add one more. So too can you become more perfect through experience, day by day, eon, by eon.

The goal for the pilgrims of time is to progress and move inward, sphere by sphere, level by level, in the creation, experiencing, and learning to love as does the Creator. Your power to love is miniscule compared to the Creator. When your power to love is near equal with God, then you can say you have attained perfection.

When at some distant time you have evolved and moved inward to paradise (the center of infinity-the home of Deity) and can stand in the intensity of the Creator's light, you will have achieved Finality-meaning you have learned through experience, to love as big as God and therefore you are able to stand in His presence and receive the Divine embrace. Even then, after all that, there will be so much more to know about God that you will ever be (eternally) in quest of the totality of Him.

Enjoy your imperfection child. :)

The Circle of Seven