Your Personal Power Trio

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Each one of you is powerful beyond your understanding and belief, for you truly posses a great gift--a Fragment of the Universal Father Himself  (known by other names--God Fragment, Higher Self, Indwelling Spirit of the Father, Thought Adjuster and others) living within your mind, and this gift is the Source of all goodness and the greatest power you can ever know, here and hereafter.  Though it would seem to many that there is nothing audible speaking to their minds, this powerful reality lives at the seat of the soul and identifies with your personality making it integral within the mind, so much so, that defining it as separate and apart is difficult.  Many of you understand the idea of being led by your Higher Self, yet few of you are actually believing that you have any real power that you can realize from this divine relationship.  It is possible for you to awaken to a new understanding of this power and goodness within, irrespective of where you stand in your spiritual path, and to accomplish this, you must be willing to begin again with a new perspective about your own self-worth.

The Creator Father chose you to be the host of His Indwelling Spirit, and together, with your Seraphic Guardians, they have an intimate stake in seeing that you survive eternally.  They are your Personal Power Trio (1 Higher Self + 2 Seraphic Guardians) and they shall be with you during your stay on Urantia and throughout your ascension career--your journey back to the Source of creation (Universal Father).  There is no one more worthy of this grand adventure than you.  The power and glory belongs to those who are host to the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father.  If the Creator Himself sees you as worthy of receiving His Indwelling Spirit, who then can truly say that you are not great?  Only you can tell yourself that you are unworthy, but the Father sees the greatness in your potential and this potential can be realized here and now in your present life in the recognition of Father's Gift.

The power begins when you recognize that you are a child of the Universal Father and that you really are the host to His Indwelling Spirit--that you have an intimate relationship with both your Higher Self and your Seraphic Guardians.  The power is in the relationship, and to have a relationship with anyone, you must invest the time and energy to explore who these intimate partners are and how you may work together?  In an exploration there is no failure--you simply explore or you do not.  If you want to know them and work together to develop your potential, then you will want to invest the time and energy to explore the relationship.

How do you have a relationship with someone?  You share the journey--your thoughts, your hopes and dreams, your achievements, and your failures.  You call them by name and you ask for help--you work out those things that you do not understand through faith and you remain open to the guidance they provide knowing that they have your back and because they are invested in your eternal success.  Unlike some human relationships, these intimate partners never forsake you and always are they with you.  

Many have invested their time and energy in a relationship with a personal teacher--a guru--human, celestial, or other.  Although much knowledge and wisdom can be shared in this type of relationship, a truly valuable teacher will always point you to the source of real power--the relationship with your Indwelling Spirit of the Father.  If they do not, then they are not doing you a service, and it would be wise for you to reconsider your time and energy investment with such a teacher.

You are an explorer in the universes of time and you have been given a perfect guidance team--your Personal Power Trio.  Your life here on Urantia is only a stop along the journey and your Personal Power Trio is here to see that you survive and grow in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. With any intimate partnership--a beloved friend or lover, you share the journey and it becomes more valuable to you.  Though your Trio may be invisible to your human eyes, the eyes of the soul always beholds them.  

Approach your Personal Power Trio in peace with an affectionate name and they will delight that you have called on them.  They love you and have waited patiently your whole life to be recognized.  Now, let them empower you to achieve greatness--explore this relationship with a worthy attitude of gratitude for having received such a Divine Gift and they will show you what is possible and where the real power lives--within you.

In peace,

I AM Uteah

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