You are Treading New Ground

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 21 Jan 2018
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today, my dear students, there is a great need for spiritually aware individuals like you to participate more fully in the Correcting Time initiatives. We (spirit) are aware of each individual who reads these messages and takes the lessons “to heart” so to speak. It is you that we address today, for within you exists a great untapped potential, and so it is that you are recognized by your Thought Adjusters (TAs) as “willing participants.” Many of you have reached the Third Psychic Circle and are now ready for accelerated growth—your TAs are committed to “bringing you along” for the good and needful things required by those of advanced standing.

Many of you may be “clueless” as to how you may participate in the Great Plan and this is not uncommon. Your TA has a plan and shall begin to lead you to those areas of need that you are most suited to ascertain. Some of these plans include “energetic participation” and this may not necessarily be a material based ministry, but something that helps the Planetary Supreme (Urantia) prepare Herself for an “energetic transformation” that shall move your planet to the next phase in its correction.

Some of you who are more sensitive to subtle energies may notice in the coming months that your bodies feel different on the “inside” and you may notice changes in your energetic makeup that “shift” and you may feel many strange vibrations that you have never experienced. Please do not be alarmed. Your TAs have your best interest in mind and they may be preparing you as “Sympaths”—a term that describes those who participate energetically by assimilating and broadcasting the newly available cosmic energies and frequencies needed to change the “timbre” of consciousness on your world—like a network of little tuning forks all singing in unison.

Great change is coming, my dear friends, and you are about to witness the next level of transformation on your world. What you can do to prepare is to remain open to the changes and take solace in the fact that you are participating in an epic cosmic event that is seldom encountered by souls at the planetary level. Some of you may not at first know that you are participating energetically, but you shall notice the effects of it as you witness the events that shall soon come to pass.

When you do notice these energies within you “shift,” try to relax and go within and ask questions of your TA and guidance teams. They want you to know these changes are occurring and assure you that you are safe and growing into your potentials. Be aware though, that as these changes occur, there is no precedence in your history that you may reference. Searching the Internet for esoteric knowledge will not afford you the correct information—you are treading new ground.

This is an exciting time for you, my dear students—you are the envy of many celestial onlookers.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s note: The energetic “shift” the teachers are referring too are changes in the chakra configuration that allow for greater attunement with the TA.