You are the Envy of Angels

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

What is the purpose of your life? Many have asked this question and there is not one single answer, but many. Yet, if there was one general summation, it would sound something like this: You are the expression of the Creator’s unique and purposeful idea in time and space that is intimately connected to all other creatures who are also expressing the Creator’s unique and purposeful ideas. What is that idea? Only the Creator knows and so has He bestowed a pre-personal Fragment of Himself in the minds of all his created children that they may be guided to fulfil the desire of the Creator to express this unique idea and to add unto Him the ever growing postulate of having all experiences in the grand universes of time.

When you consider this magnificent overarching divine schema, you feel like a very tiny ant on a mountain of sand, yet all that you are, and do, and think, and feel, is a part of this unique “idea” that the Creator has for you and for all others in the universes. All these diverse and divergent paths are needed to bring all things to completion and relative perfection. Even when you are going, in what would seem, the wrong direction in life, it is in “finding your way back” that has great worth and adds to the pool of experience that is the Creator’s idea for you and for all others. “The Great Plan” is the original idea conceived in eternity by the Creator to know Himself. In that eternity moment, like a fractal, all the sub-ideas were spun-off and calculated to fulfil that idea and return to Him the essence and the values of all experience. Time is the one thing that allows the idea to develop, and free will ensures the diversity of the experience.

How then does the Creator make use of all these values and experiences? This, my friends, will be the quest of the ages for you to investigate, to postulate, and to philosophy about as you learn and grow ever nearer to god-like perfection on your journey inward to discover the secrets of the universes and to peer into the Infinite Mind of the Creator. What we know here on the mansion worlds from the Trinity Teacher Sons and Finaliters is that the Creator makes use of these values and experiences in the Deity Supreme—the god of experience emerging in time and space. As all the universes are nearing completion and perfection—settling into Light and Life, then will come the end of an age and the beginning of Ultimate destinies. The important thing for you to know about all this is that you have an eternal adventure ahead of you with potentials so fantastic that it is beyond the comprehension of your minds as of this time in your development and even my own.

Faith, my friends, is what is needed now so that you hold this vision in your mind of even greater destinies ahead. All that you experience now on your world of nativity is preparing you for these later adventures and responsibilities—yes, continued service that will bless you beyond measure. You, having trodden through the muck and mire of a world in rebellion at the precipice of transformation will have had experiences like no other and this shall make you a very precious commodity in the administrative circles of the Finaliter corps assigned to the first outer space levels that are now in formation. Have you any idea how blessed you are to be in this place at this time? See your life now as a time to gather your treasure for these later adventures where you shall shine like the brightest star in the universe.

You are the envy of angels!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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