You are Living in a Time of Change

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear Students on the Path,

There is an opportunity for you to take advantage of the changing energies on Urantia that are mutually beneficial to the attunement process—the process of integrating more fully the Thought Adjuster’s influence in your mind and thoughts. These new energies make it possible for your subtle fields to evolve with the Planetary Supreme as She makes Her transformation to Light and Life status. You live on an experimental (decimal) world and because of the uniqueness of your sphere being the bestowal world of Christ Michael, and with the importance of the Correcting Time initiatives ongoing, there are certain opportunities for energetic changes that may be had by those who are participating in the Great Plan.

You may ask, “am I participating in the Great Plan?” The Great Plan is broken down into a series of smaller plans that all coalesce in time to move everything closer to the Father’s Intention that all things and beings would come to relative perfection and completion in the current age—the age of the emerging Supreme Being. Your part in the plan, being on Urantia at this time in its evolution, is to correct the path of planetary development—to move from the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion to a path that is on course with other worlds in your system that have not been subject to rebellion—a path to Light and Life.

Each of you have influence in your circle of relationships and it matters not how many. What is important is that you hold the desire for a better life for all humans on your world and consciously act on that desire by doing what you can, according to your abilities, to make changes in your lives and in your thinking that may positively affect others to change their lives and thinking. When you partner with your Thought Adjuster (TA) to co-create positive change, opportunities begin to show up that lead to the next step required to unfold the vision and fulfill the desire for a better world. It can happen one soul at a time or it can happen to millions of souls who may benefit from the co-creative ideas you set in motion!

If you are inclined to participate more in the transformation of your world, connect with your Thought Adjuster and ask for the upgrades that may be available to you, according to your spiritual maturity, and your TA and guidance teams shall assist you in this “energetic makeover.” Your TA wants you to expand your mind, your awareness, and your creativity through greater attunement. Your relationship with the Indwelling Spirit is key to all progress and spiritual maturity. Ask, my dear students, and it is given. Your spiritual progress is dependent on your participation in life and in your relationships with others. To be consciously aware of this participation brings many benefits.

You are living in a time of change like no other on your world—a time where you can experience real transformation of mind, energy, and ideas far beyond what was available to those living on your planet just a generation ago. Get intouch with these changing energies, my friends, and experience the synergy of unity with Urantia and with all those souls who are participating with you to make a better world.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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