We are Consciousness Engineers!

Teacher: Xsamuel

Greetings my brother!  It is Xsamuel and I am so very grateful to have your ear!  I would like to speak to you about the present age and the coming age of enlightenment-how we move from here to there.  Many of you feel that it is nigh impossible, given the current state of human consciousness, that your world could ever evolve beyond its barbarism and embrace a more expanded view of the universe-a more connected and unified love for all humanity? I tell you that it is not only possible, but it shall be so as foreseen by those who transcend time and space (the Absonites).  

Because we participate in the age of the Ultimate, and not Supremacy (as you are), our efforts are concerned with what lay ahead.  Just as your scientist can look at a distant star and observe the fluctuation in light and determine that a planet must be in orbit around it, we in like manner observe the development of ultimate destinies and from that we are certain that your world shall participate in that destiny.  It is the timing however, that is critical as certain opportunities present themselves, that we move and work with the Supreme administrators to "untangle" the dimensional web of twisted circuits that mind operates from in this part of the universe.  We are consciousness engineers!

There are many Absonite beings here working at both the macro level (collective human consciousness) and at the micro level (individual human consciousness) to prepare the mind circuits for higher function.  We are "correcting" and repairing these circuits as they should have been had your world not experienced the tampering and malevolent conditioning that occurred during the Lucifer Rebellion.  We are and have been working at this on a "curve," so to speak, bringing those circuits back to their original intention with as little "side effects" as possible-yet there are always effects from any cause or action-even those with benevolent intent.  This you would see as "fliers" that shock the consciousness of humanity, yet they must be allowed to be released.

From our side of reality (absonite), we only provide the functionality that precludes any willful action by humanity-you must decide, given the changing climate of consciousness, how you shall navigate the waters of uncertainty and steer your world into a more compassionate sphere of brotherhood.  The circuits shall be there when needed, I can assure you that-the rest is up to you.  The possibilities for greater ability in mind are unfolding and waiting for you to discover.  

By observing ultimate destinies, we know you shall be successful, but the real value to the Supreme is in the adventure-the experience as it unfolds in time and space!

Value the adventure, friends.

I AM Xsamuel

Chris:  Xsamuel, you mentioned that you are preparing the mind circuits for higher function?  Does this also allow those who would use mind for malevolent purposes to cause greater harm?  

Xsamuel:  Higher function means just that-any expanded capability may be accessed by higher thought, benevolent intention-not malicious intent.  The opportunities for progress are exponential.  Regressive and repressive thought shall no longer be acceptable by the higher functioning minds on Urantia and shall find no path in the future.

Chris:  Thank you, Xsamuel.

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