Watch as the Miracles Unfold

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to talk to you students on the path about the application of connecting with Spirit and how to make use of the most powerful tool you shall every know. For years now we have talked about cultivating a relationship with your Thought Adjuster and how to be empowered by this connection you have to the All Creative Mind. This is not an esoteric practice or something only a guru can attain—it is something each of you can tap into this very moment and have surprisingly astonishing results. I shall now provide you with an outline for connecting to this vast and inexhaustible Source of knowledge, wisdom, and unconditional love.

When Christ Michael lived as a human among you as Jesus of Nazareth, his disciples would often ask him how to pray? It was difficult for the minds of that time to grasp the concept that through prayer, they could connect to the Source of all Creation. Jesus knew the self imposed limitations of that time and so he would give them defined prayers to to recite that would focus their intention on this Holy Connection and bring them onto that “hallowed ground” so they could begin to establish this sacred relationship with Spirit.

You, dear students, are in a far better place of understanding than the men and women of these earlier times. You have Christ Michael’s Spirit of Truth available to you; the Holy Spirit of the local universe mother spirit; a pre-personal Fragment of the Creator living within your mind; and now a world that has been reconnected to a vast array of universe energies and circuits—all at your service waiting for you to make use of! At this time in Urantia’s history, you have at your disposal an incredibly powerful toolbox of resources that can shape your future destiny and fulfill your desires to contribute to the Creator’s Great Plan. Sit quietly with me as I lead you to the most Power Source of change and empowerment:

Recite the Following (speaking out loud): “My Beloved Indwelling; my guidance team, please connect with me now, in this moment, and expand my mind. Connect me to the Spirit of Truth and to the Holy Spirit. Connect me to all the benevolent circuits and energies that are available to me at this time on Urantia and raise the spiritual frequency and vibration of my subtle fields to access these circuits and energies.”

With this powerful invocation, you have aligned your mind with the Unified Field of Universal Consciousness and have established an awakened and conscious connection to those spiritual resources, personalities, and realities that are guiding you on your experiential journey. By asking that your spiritual frequency and vibration be elevated, you are giving your consent to allow your guidance team to assist you in making the necessary energetic changes to your subtle fields—some refer to as the chakra system and surrounding layers of your energetic body.

With this “open microphone” to the Creative Source, you may use your imagination and ask something like: “My Beloved; my guidance team: Is it possible to ________________?” “If so, and if it is beneficial to my growth and or to the growth of others in their journey, I ask that these things be set in motion now and be brought into manifestation according to the Will of the Universal Father.”

This is only one example and you may change this request to match whatever it is that you wish to accomplish. You can request to connect to any mind and any personality in the universe—here or hereafter, and it shall be so—for we are all connected by Universal Mind—simply ask!

There is a caveat here: The quality and effectiveness of this invocation depends entirely on your openness and willingness to have a working and personal relationship with Spirit—to connect daily, hourly, or in any moment as a co-creative child of the universe to create change in a world of imperfection—that you, others, and the world you live in may be brought closer to the intention of the Creator as whole and perfect.

It is my desire for you, dear students, that you would practice this connecting piece and strengthen your relationship with Spirit making it a part of your daily life. Then watch as the miracles unfold before you!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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