Upgrade your Spiritual Interface

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 22 Oct 2017
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Dear Students on the path,

As you continue to trust and make real your relationship with your Thought Adjuster (TA) and guidance team, you shall discover that as you bring them into the family of your thought-life, there are many ways in which they may assist you in the development of your spirit-centered abilities and the interface for such abilities to operate. Once you have made the decision to participate in the Father’s Great Plan, rather than watch from the sidelines, your guidance team is more than willing to assist you with the needed “upgrades” to participate in a more meaningful way.

To begin this exciting journey to a more connected and meaningful life requires that you think deeply about your role in this Great Plan even if it is only a faint desire to accomplish some simple first step—it is a positive direction that shall lead to the next step—an unfolding of a larger picture that you, your TA, and guidance team shall work out together.

Expansion, my dear friends, is something to always keep in mind. Just as the universes are expanding, changing, and settling into a more perfected form, you likewise shall expand, change, and move toward a more perfected state of being. You are a part of this Great Plan and it is your destiny to move with it. No longer should you accept a distorted world view of your life—you are powerful beyond measure and equipped with a Fragment of the Creator to guide you through the unfolding of this greater destiny.

If it is your desire to expand into this greater destiny, then let us now do so. The first step into expansion requires you to extend your awareness, and to do that you must have something more to be aware of—do you not? Humans, together with their spirit-centered abilities, communicate on many levels and dimensions that they are most often not aware of. It is not necessary that you understand all these levels and dimensions, but you should know that they exist and operate as a part of the framework for this Great Plan to expand. Your TA and guidance teams are a part of this unseen framework and are ready to move you once you understand that they are there for this purpose to assist you in your expansion.

To begin, you might address your guidance team with something like this:

“My Beloved Indwelling, my guidance team, I desire to extend my spirit-centered abilities that I may acquire greater awareness of the many resources that are available to me during this time in my life on Urantia that I may participate in the Great Plan in a more meaningful way.” “Please assist me now by upgrading my spiritual interface and expand my ability to communicate on many levels and dimensions unseen.”

This might be your first step into a larger reality of universal participation. The second step will be what you do with this upgraded and expanded awareness. As always, when you trust and ask in faith for opportunities to grow in an intelligent and meaningful way (ask and it is given), your guidance team shall go to work for you because you have used your will and desire to access the framework that moves the universe on its path toward completion (the Great Plan).

Power and grace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/upgrade-your-spiritual-interface