To Create a better World

Teacher: Xsamuel

Greetings to the people of Urantia,

There is quite a lot of activity on your world untangling the mess of circuits that were twisted by the rebellion so many years ago, yet we are making good inroads to correct, upgrade, and replace these many faulty circuits. There is a Great Plan for Urantia, and we, consciousness engineers, shall stay the course until our job is complete.  The Cosmic Corp is also making progress clearing the old circuits of malevolent energies that are soon to be decommissioned permanently, and we do understand that this can be uncomfortable work, yet it is necessary that these more toxic thought forms be drawn out and "retired" bringing their numbers to zero. Once these compromised circuits are shut down, their influence on human consciousness shall cease to exist--along with that, those humans that practice the "dark arts" shall no longer have access to these circuits for intimidation and harm.

I do want to make clear the distinction between these malevolent circuits and the circuits that must be present to contain all variants of human thought.  On a world such as Urantia that is only now beginning to free itself from the bondage of rebellion, there still exists the control structures that have developed over many centuries that are presently "steering" much of the mass consciousness of its citizens.   Until humanity can begin thinking for themselves and rely less on these control structures, the greater will be the ability of the Thought Adjusters to connect with their human partners and "move" them to the higher circuits where the recognition of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness can inspire them to create a better world.  Rest assured, the foundations of these control structures are eroding, even now as we speak.

Regardless of the countermeasures and the continued healing of Urantia, it is necessary to provide circuits for all minds and thoughts, even those with evil intention, for free will--the ability to choose is paramount to the Great Plan--evolution, and the attainment of perfection at every level of creation.  What Christ Michael is asking from us (the celestial/human alliance) is to "level the playing field" and remove the undue (energetic) influences that stifle what would be a more normal curve of human development.

In this concerted effort to "normalize" human mind and facilitate greater attunement with the Thought Adjusters, Christ Michael has authorized the development of a system of energetic Distribution Centers and Cascading Networks where human minds at all levels of intelligence can connect and receive vibrational attunements that may assist in the uplifting of all consciousness on the planet. As more and more human minds begin scaling their Psychic Circles--human consciousness, like the ocean tide rising, shall be elevated.  This is a subtle but gradual and steady curve that will assist the individual and humanity in its "relationship" with the organism of itself--eventually leading to the healing of its social dysfunctions and the recognition of the systems and structures that no longer serve the greater good.

The recovery of your world resides with its citizenry--to change the way they want to live.  The opportunities to engage in the healing of your world shall be abundant--step into those possibilities and the resources you need shall be provided.

In service to you,

I AM Xsamuel 

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