“Through absolute faith, the healing was instant”

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my friends, I would like to speak to those of you who would be healers and also those who have the latent ability to be healers—it that you? When you are moved with great compassion to relieve the suffering of your fellows, you are “feeling” or sensing the Will of the Creator. Because we are all truly One at the root Source of our being, we are feeling the connectedness of all others—the parts connected to the Whole. When we attempt to “do” something about this “imbalance,” or suffering, we are “doing” the Will of the Creator. We all possess a Fragment of the Creator within us (the Thought Adjuster) and so do we have the power to heal by aligning our will, through love and compassion, and appealing to the Creator to make whole those connected parts that are out of balance.

All of you are healers in the sense that you all can pray and petition the Creator Father to “move” and relieve the suffering of your fellows. The degree at which you may be successful in your petition or skill at energy work, is dependent on your faith as a child of the Creator to know, without doubt, that your petitions or energy work shall align with the Creator and be so. Many people were healed by the Master, Jesus, during his ministry on earth. When He saw the suffering of His children, He was moved with great compassion, and when this occurred, His Will aligned with the Father’s Will through absolute faith, and the healing was instant—the Will of the Creator Father made it so.

Not only does healing occur by the alignment of the healer’s will with the Creator Father’s, but also shall those in suffering find relief by accepting, through child-like faith, the Will of the Father to make them whole. Those individuals who sought out the Master for healing believed without doubt they would be made whole because of who Jesus was, and so did their own faith as a child of the Creator make them whole again. The Master would often say to them, “Go your way—your faith has made you whole.” Their faith to be healed was so replete; the Father’s Will moved and it was so.

Believe, believe, believe, my friends, for the Master said, “You shall do even greater works than I.” “If you had but the faith of a mustard seed, you could say to the mountain, ‘Remove yourself into the sea,’ and it shall be so.” You see, my friends, you have been conditioned to believe that you cannot do these things and so it would appear to be so—you are proving that belief in disempowerment works very well and the laws of the universe do what they are designed to do—bring about the reality that the children of the Creator desire.

You clever healers will find ways to make the laws of the universe work for you by aligning your will, through faith (belief), with the Will of the Creator. Whatever modality of healing you are using, you are reversing the conditioning placed in your mind by the mass consciousness of the world (to not believe) and so you find varying degrees of success. Your strong emotion of compassion is the key to cutting through this conditioning to accept disempowerment. Whenever you are moved with great emotion, you see in that moment with laser-like precision the way in which reality ought to be (you see the divine intention), not what it currently is according to the sheer strength of mass consciousness to hold the illusion of disempowerment. In that moment of purity of mind to make whole the sufferer, the reality is matched with that pure vibration and is so. Love and compassion are very potent emotions that focus the will and change the vibrational reality!

Love always, my friends, and heal the world!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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