There is One Expectation you may hold onto

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Greetings to you--People of Urantia, I AM Uteah, Trinity Teacher, assigned to Planet 606.  You shall be hearing from me often and from other designated sources.  It is important that I speak plainly to you about the path ahead and that I prepare the Dedicated Core for the energetic transformation that must take place for the next phase of our work together.  Since the closure of the last of the rebel circuits, your planet has been cleared by the System Sovereign, Lanaforge, to be re-encircuited into the progressive fold of the Satania System of planets.

With this approved status comes many benefits--both energetic and administrative.  Some of these benefits, though approved, await the resolution of certain planetary affairs and conflicts by your governments before they may be cleared by Lanaforge for action.  None the less, a great many good and needful things are coming to 606.  Let me remind you of the fact that with this status comes a precious personal benefit in the way of Thought Adjuster attunement--the circuitry is now in place for an enhancement in the interface for a more approachable relationship with the Inner Guide.

With transformation like this, a change in thinking is needed.  Many of you have it in your minds about  what shall now happen, or not happen, as a result of the newly granted planetary status--many remain apathetic or skeptical to any real or sweeping changes.  It is your outlook that needs revision--all things are anew and cannot be seen as fitting into the expectations of the past.  Those of you that shall work with me are to release your expectations and stand at the ready to embrace what comes.

I shall be with you for a long time and we shall become like old friends. As the transformation unfolds, take solace in the fact that I shall be here to guide you through it.  You have nothing to fear and everything to be grateful for.  I AM grateful for all of you--to have a dedicated core of Agondonters to work at my side--a small group now, but one that shall grow as we move through the unfolding destiny of planet 606, Urantia.

There is one expectation you may hold onto, my dear friends: (Addressing the Universal Father) "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven."

I AM Uteah, always on call and at your service.

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