There are Two Plans for Urantia

Teacher: Monjoronson

There are many agendas emerging on your world to be concerned about--coming from sources that work against the greater good of humanity and have been in planning for a very long time--some of which began at the on start of the Lucifer Rebellion itself.   Most of you would be shocked to learn the truth about these very real hidden plans and agendas that have been "scheduled" for deployment waiting for the technologies to catch up to the plan.  These plans are not so "hidden" now as they once were, and in many cases, they are in plain sight--the greatest cloak of all.  I'm asking all of you--those with discerning minds and an awareness of your Thought Adjusters, to pay attention to these disturbing signposts.

You can be sure that for every dark plan there is a thousand-fold countermeasure by Spirit to bring overwhelming light to bear and triumph in the outcome.  The Universal Father has intervened through a judicial action by the Trinity to stand by Michael and see that a greater good prevails in the affairs of Urantia.  This is a case where, "What the Son desires and the Father Wills, is."  Free will must remain unencumbered, yet there are always "unexpected surprises" that may seriously impede the best laid plans.

I admonish you to trust, in faith, that Michael and the Universal Father have you all in the palm of their hands and shall not let you slip through their fingers.  There have been many changes and corrections made to the energetic grids and circuits on Urantia, which have seriously limited the communications and energetic reach of the rebels--those that carry on the legacy of a defunct leadership that has been brought to justice.  Now, their only "eye in the sky" comes from their mechanical terrors--the dark circuits have all been neutralized.

There are two plans for Urantia--a dark plan and a Light Plan.  There shall also be a decision by every soul and a "parting of the ways."  The Universal Father always allows his children to choose and never does He force His plan on any will-creature--all will, by their own intention and self examination, determine their own path.  Those that have been fooled by the cunning and ruthless plans of the torch bearers of Lucifer shall be offered mercy--yet, they again shall have to choose which plan they shall abide in.  

My dear friends, it shall be up to you to decide if you will live in fear--the only remaining tool the rebels have to manipulate and control you, or will you stay in your peace and trust in Christ Michael and the Universal Father's plan for the purification and redemption of Urantia? Many of you reading this message have been rehearsed and prepared for this and soon the curtain will come up and you shall all take your place on the stage.  "Be as gentle as sheep, but wise as serpents" in your dealings with those who do not know which side of the line they are on, for the unfolding destiny of Urantia shall surely shine the light on their true intentions.

Stay in your peace,

I AM Monjoronson

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