The Unveiling Moment – The Recognition of Desire

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to speak to all you students on the path who read these messages and who feel they have come to this planet to fulfill a great purpose. Many of you feel as if you are waiting for an extraordinary event or some special person to come and awaken you to this “real” purpose, and that your current life feels like it is a bit “staged” as you anticipate receiving instructions that will finally “lift the veil” and lead you to the mission you have come here to execute. At auspicious times these feelings are very strong, yet during the everyday routine of life—raising a family, or carving out a living, you may be filled with great doubt wondering if the energy you expend on spiritual pursuits has any validity at all. It is a series of “highs and lows,” yet even in the moments of doubt, something brings you back to this place of “knowing,” as if there is a compass within your heart that points in the direction of this “purpose” that keeps you searching, learning, and questioning your reality. To all of you, I say “there is validity” to these feelings and leadings, yet the “unveiling moment” you are waiting for shall not necessarily come from outside, but rather “inside.”

It is the I AM that is expressing and creating the desires and leadings you feel that you cannot clearly define. It is coming from the potential—that energy that has not yet come into the fullness of time, yet is already there existentially in the eternal moment because the I AM “is” and always “was” and forever “shall be.” You are the experiential child of this all knowing, all wise, all powerful, and everywhere present Creative Principal. You are a “new idea” of the I AM which is being expressed in time space, yet in the eternal moment, all potentials are known and understood. It is the paradox of imperfection/perfection that drives the engine of time to bring about the “new idea” of you, and it is the echo of that paradox that tugs at your heart and drives you to explore those things that shall lead you to the unfolding of your potential.

When you recognize this desire to be more than what you are now, you are witnessing the conscious presence of the I AM expressing this new idea through you—trying to “move” you to the next moment that will lead you to the unfolding of that “meted out potential” that you are ready for in time space—your experiential discovery of that “next step” in your ascension toward perfection and godlikeness. When you fail to “move” (by your free choice) the I AM will try another approach and lead you to another opportunity to step into that part of your potential that the I AM has determined you are ready for. It is only a “matter of time” in which you decide to step into what has already been “foreshadowed” as fact—as “what is and shall ever be.”

The “you” that feels separate from God (from the fullness of your potential) is that “new idea” of the I AM being “worked out” through you in time space—you are a partner with God! This yearning for purpose is the hidden knowing that “you/I AM” have already achieved finality of perfection, yet it is in the journey of time that you taste the sweetness of achievement as you step into each new moment that unfolds the hidden potential that is within you. This is the desire of the I AM! You, my friend, certainly have a great purpose and it is “divine” in origin and it is that needed part of the whole to fulfill the “Great Plan”—the totality of All Purpose in time.

Savor every moment of the journey as you are led by the desires of I AM—that is your purpose!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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