The Truth about Rebellion - Part 1

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Have you ever considered how incredibly powerful you are?  Most people believe they are powerless--that only wealth or political ambition (control) can bring power.    This is a carefully crafted lie that was seeded into human consciousness at the beginning of the rebellion that happened on your world a very long time ago.  Temporal power is impermanent, while spiritual power is eternal.  Do you believe the lie that you are powerless?  Even those who recognize the sovereignty of the Creator Father believe the lie because they put the lie first in the order of their beliefs.  A mind that is indwelled by a Fragment of the Creator is far more powerful than any temporal power, and you can rearrange the order of your beliefs and bring that eternal power to the forefront of your mind and to your world.

When you understand why you are powerless, then can you begin to put things in order.  Lucifer, together with Satan and Calagastia seeded this lie as a means of disarming the powerful human mind endowed with will and a Fragment of the Creator resident within.  He knew that his rebellion could not survive unless he could disable the power of the Indwelling Spirit within human mind.  It was also his intention that he (Lucifer) would be god over his rebellion worlds and prevent souls from ascending to the Father.  The only way he could achieve this was to use deception--to trick the human spirit into believing a lie--that they are powerless and that there is no Creator Father.

Once the lie was ingested, it would replicate like a virus and embed itself in human DNA for generations where it could be reinforced by the temporal mind--only believing what it could see with its eyes of flesh. Lucifer knew that suffering could be used to stop all forms of escape--that once humans suffered, they would not believe in a loving Creator--they would see that they were alone and abandoned--they would blame the Creator for their suffering and reinforce the lie that only temporal power exists in the world.  It was an ingenious and insidious plan that worked and still does to this day.

Even now with the head of the Dragon severed--the leaders of the rebellion apprehended, the spirit of rebellion lives on in human mind--you are left with the stain of rebellion and this stain continues to uphold the lie and all the suffering it brings to your world.  Every human act of tyranny, war, genocide, and hatred can be traced back to the root of this lie, and Lucifer knew that it would prevail even if he was apprehended and annihilated.  

He also knew that his plan it was not absolute, that once a human mind was contacted by the Indwelling Spirit, it could overcome the lie and free itself from the bondage of fear and suffering.  He saw that religion was one way man could escape from the lie and ascend, and so he tasked Satan to poison religion with the lie that man was corrupt and sinful without reprieve--that they were dammed to eternal hell for their transgressions.  Religion, the very tool of escape, was then used to secure the lie and keep souls from ascending--because they believed that they were eternally separated from the Creator--even after death their consciousness would keep them in doubt of any salvation.

How do you escape from this?  By knowing the Truth about Rebellion--why it works, and the help that was sent here to free you from it.  Then can you  begin to understand how powerful beliefs are and how a mind indwelled by the Creator Father can be used to transform its life and path using truth, beauty, and goodness to overcome all forms of fear and suffering.  As more and more people on your world understand this, the walls of tyranny will crumble and a new world will emerge free from the stain of rebellion. Light and Life will be your reality when this lie is eradicated!

In truth, always,

I AM Uteah

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