The Tests of Time

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to speak about the “Tests of Time”—those situations where you find you must act or make a decision that will move you into a new space—a new life—a new way of being in the world. It’s as if you are being tested to see how you will choose and how you will act and hold yourself faced with a major change. My dear friends, these tests are real and they are “spiritually engineered” to “nudge” you onto a path that will move you in a near parallel with the divine plan for your life. Your Thought Adjuster (TA) and your Guardian Seraphim work in a coordinated way to bring opportunities and serendipitous situations into your life to help you to grow and at the same time move you along the path of the divine plan.

You, of course, can choose and act, or not act, in any way you decide because you have free will. Your TA “brings” the Father’s Will and your Guardian Seraphim “knows” the Father’s will and therefore will they bring these tests to you in various forms to teach and to examine the progress you are making in your short lives. Your stubbornness to avoid decisions and change will have a direct effect on the way your lessons will be presented.

Your Guardian Seraphim (a pair) has an intimate and shared destiny with you and it is her job to see that your soul survives beyond this life and into eternity and that you eventually fuse with your TA. She is held accountable for your survivability and therefore will she do and “engineer” what is allowed by those high spirit authorities to move you into a place where you may grow and achieve the “Great Prize,”—life eternal. Your TA chose you before your birth to be the personality and vessel of fusion. None are guaranteed because of free will and therefore do these “Tests of Time” become the tools for ensuring your survival.

These tests come at you in various forms and in varying degrees of potential change throughout your life. Most of them you do not take notice of, yet those tests that bring major change can be acknowledged and you may become aware that you are about to grow by making a decision or accepting the circumstance of a not so seemingly desirous situation, that by faith, you hold as having ultimate value in the overall outcome of your life. When you notice these “soul-markers” in your life path, it can be sometimes fearful, yet to hold the growth potential in faith that all will be made right and will ultimately benefit your soul, is to be wise and spiritually powerful.

When you recognize the test or the coming change, leverage all the spiritual resources you can through prayer, by asking questions and working through the decisions of time with your Spiritual Sponsors—your TA, guides, and guardians. You are never alone, my friends, we (spirit)—your unseen family are always with you and will help you through the transition. Know that your Heavenly Father knows what is best for you because it is what is best for all in the Great Plan and so will He bring you through the Tests of Time to a higher place of understanding. Never are you to be “punished” for any decision you make. You are only lovingly guided by the superlative methods available according to your willingness to do the Father’s will. The farther you are away from the divine plan, the more “work” has to be done by you to get back “on track.” Once you are “on track” your life will blossom and you will come into your purpose and really begin to live and enjoy the truth, beauty, and goodness of being alive and a willing participant in the Creation here and hereafter.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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