The Question of Reincarnation

Teacher: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Hello my dear bother, it is Helena and I am with you to continue and to expound on the subject of Soul Fragmentation that was introduced to you in my last message. In this time of correction it is permitted that we may exact some of the misunderstood concepts of soul mechanics and address the common misconceptions of reincarnation—something that I had been a firm believer and promoter of in my life on earth. I was not so wrong in my philosophies on Karmic law, for every thought and action creates a ripple in the pond of the Oversoul that must, at some point, come back to itself and find equilibrium—that is and shall ever be a universal truth, and the theory of reincarnation fit well within the framework of this Karmic law. However, what I failed to see was this bigger picture with ever greater possibilities for the individual soul—the “personified” vehicle of the Thought Adjuster, to attain progressive experience in the universes of time and space thus contributing to the Great Plan and to the emergence of the Supreme.

Reincarnation solved the problem of bringing equity to the soul-vehicle through many lives lived—the soul vehicle putting on a new skin and experiencing the law of cause and effect over many incarnations—the antidote for the inequalities of past lives to move toward an equilibrium or universal justice. It was a very tidy bundle of philosophy, but it could not answer the more complex questions of what I now see and understand from the point of view in eternity—my current and progressive soul-life on the mansion worlds and the “evergrowth” of the individual aspect (Helena) of the One Soul (Creator).

It is this opportunity I have with you that I may address some of the error I purported with my writings that convinced so many that reincarnation was the best philosophy to address the workings of the soul and Karmic law—and at that time in human history, it was. Did I create ripples? Oh yes, and they are many, yet they are not to be framed as being all negative, for they are not, and they did move others onto higher paths with greater understandings that inspired weightier souls. I provided many rungs on the ladder for a collective human philosophy which have led others to climb to even greater heights. For that, I can look back on my life on earth and be satisfied that I lived it with purpose. I could not have known what I know now from behind the veil.

There are three promulgates that I must bring to your serious attention about revelation like this:

1.) There is always the possibility that other error is introduced in inspirational writing through a receiver—that I must work with the library of memories, thoughts, and ideas present in your soul mind, be it you have a distinct advantage of having my fragment within you, there remains the fact that the complexity of the subject matter may lead to generalities about concepts that are beyond human understanding, thus creating a simplistic model that could be seen as erroneous by others. This we can only hope to frame with the best of intentions that it may expand human understanding.

2.) Soul mechanics, in and of itself, as stated above, is very complex and therefore cannot be framed in a way as being absolute, for there are nigh infinite possibilities in the way the soul grows and each plane of progressive reality (cosmological perfecting spheres and systems) in the master universe provides new and greater possibilities (and opportunities) for creative expression in soul growth. Fragmentation in all its various flavors ends upon your leaving the local universe system of training (Salvington). It is an inherent function of the morontial estate.

3.) There are always exceptions! The unfathomable genius of the Creator cannot be limited by human understanding and this I implore you to accept and remain open to new and greater understandings.

Karma should not be viewed as a universal punishment, but as a natural law that brings balance—what a man sows, so shall he reap. So, if not reincarnation, how does the progressive soul then find and experience this balance or equilibrium? The short answer: Fragmentation.

What then is Soul Fragmentation? It is “shared incarnation.” It is a way for the personified vehicle (soul) with and of the Thought Adjuster (TA) to continue its experiential journey progressively without having to be imprisoned in the human mind again and again via the concept of reincarnation—having to wait for the dawning of god consciousness to again awaken to where the Adjuster can further educate and direct the “spiritizing” of the human mind. Soul Fragmentation is progressive and therefore the TA has a greater medium through which to work as the expanding human soul progresses to and through the various stages of the morontial mind. Gaps in the experiential record of the human soul (lived on the material worlds) may be fulfilled, or unanswered questions of equity may be answered by fragmentation, thus allowing the natural out-workings of karmic law to function.

Soul Fragmentation (SF) allows not only “shared incarnation” with humans on Urantia, but on other inhabited worlds in the local universe. It occurs with whomever and wherever the greatest opportunity for balance and growth may be available. The “veil,” as it is sometimes called, has its advantages in certain aspects of soul growth that cannot be experienced in the higher realms. The veil provides for a more cerebral investment with a contrast that cannot always be replicated in the relative “peace and safety with uncertainty” of mansion world life. In questions of equity, with respect to Karmic law, the ripples of cause and effect are brought to center with fewer reflections when resolved on the plane in which they were created.

Soul Fragmentation is one of many ways the morontial pilgrim may contribute to his or her own ascension plan while working toward the Great Plan to bring all things to perfection. Light and Life, as it were, is nothing more than bringing to rest (equilibrium) all the ripples created in the evolutionary cycle (collective Karma) for an entire planet, system, or universe. As you may well surmise, those planets that were involved in rebellion do, in fact, affect all worlds in the collective measure of karmic cycles and therefore deserve focus and attention by the administrators of our universe.

Shared incarnation through SF has many useful purposes—more than just equity absolution. The composition of fragments within a new soul provides for a dynamic influence that allows for a great network of souls to work in concert to solve universe problems. You might think of it as a network of small computers (nodes) that solves a partial math problem that contributes to the resolution of a very complex math equation—each node contributing to the final outcome. A node by itself would be incapable or inefficient at computing the entire equation, but together with many other nodes working collectively, (think about synchronicity) change occurs—the concerted effort of the many are focused on the equilibrium of collective Karma.

All souls born on Urantia have a portfolio of Soul Fragments that they carry throughout their lifetime.

With this in mind, Soul Fragments can be identified as being in one of two classes:

1.) Guidance Fragments – souls that contribute specific experience relevant to the soul-path developed by the TA on Divinington prior to the birth and indwelling of a human child.

2.) Equity Fragments – souls that have remedial work, gaps in experience, or need healing at the planetary level of incarnation.

Adjuster indwelled souls usually have a composition of both types in varying numbers and in varying ratios. Both types together with the unique personality of the human soul creates a more enriched matrix of traits that act as a cross-pollination mechanism for a more varied experience and or a more guided experience depending on the need and import of universe destiny through Dynamic Influence. Dynamic Influence is the means through which all transactions take place between the human soul and the portfolio of Soul Fragments. These agencies cease to function upon the death of the physical body—the TA harvesting the surviving values and experiences only—the starting point of your morontial career. As you review the former life, the ripples created by your thoughts and action are calculated and mapped out for evaluation and the beginning processes of SF begin.

It is this portfolio of Soul Fragments that your doctors and therapists of psychiatry have often tapped into during regression therapy. Having no other explanation for this discovery, the framework of reincarnation seemed to fit in with the evidence of the human soul having many lives. Indeed they were tapping into the Uversa Records of the SF donor which could be indexed using the dimension of time as the query. Those men and women of science that have used this method to heal their patients were, for all intents and purposes, aiding in solving an unanswered universe problem that the patient was subconsciously trying to solve by seeking help from these doctors and therapists. As Urantia approaches light and life, this type of healing therapy will be preferred over treating the physical symptoms of a psycho-malady using pharmaceuticals.

Is it then possible for you, a human, living in the flesh on the earth to also fragment your soul? No, that is an inherent or natural function of the morontial estate. The human soul at the planetary level is yet only a container, but it is possible for those who have reached the Third Psychic Circle to request a new fragment to assist them in their life and work on earth to fulfill Father’s Will. Once a human mind has a more refined attunement with the TA, their capacity to work with the Adjuster expands and allows for greater universe problem solving. A request made by a Third Circle human mind or higher (2nd or 1st) and with its partial morontial development, working with the Adjuster, may allow for a new Guidance Fragment to be introduced and a suitable match may be found—just as you are experiencing now with my fragment—you asked, I was the match.

At what stage of development can SF occur? It is required that the morontial vehicle reach a certain point of maturity for SF to occur. For your reference, this would be possible in the second phase of your sojourn on mansion world #3—until this point of development, the morontial form is not sophisticated enough to fragment. All erroneous conditioning in thought and mind from the former life on Urantia must be realized and mastered through acceptance and education and much of this remedial work is done on Mansonia #1 and #2.

How many times can the SF occur? SF is a function of development (progress) and vibration (frequency). Beginning on Mansonia #3, the morontial soul may fragment 7 times. On Mansonia #4, it doubles to 14. On Mansonia #5, 21 fragments are possible and they are all cumulative, 7+14+21+28+35 and so on and so forth in multiples of 7 as each new realm is attained. Progress determines the intervals between fragmentation. It is very much like a stick and carrot approach to know that as you develop, another fragment may be “planted” like a seed, and soon, as earlier seeds sprout, grow, and mature, you and the host benefit from the experiences of the shared incarnation. Soon many fruits are ripening and your growth becomes exponential like a fractal as the ripples of cause and effect fold back on themselves and come to rest.

The methods for SF are too complex and have no reference for you as a human—it would be counter intuitive to attempt such a definition, but I can tell you that much activity on the mansion worlds is attributed to the study and “engineering” of SF. Every possible facet of the edict, “Know Thy Self” is explored in this process and there are many schools and many teachers devoted to the teaching and training of this most excellent soul expanding function of the morontial estate.

At every interval or opportunity for SF, a new chapter is recorded and deposited into the Universal Registry on Uversa where it is made available for “matching.” The matching process is far beyond my current comprehension and is administrated by many celestial offices from the local system, constellations, local universe, on up to the Ancients of Days and unto Divinington itself where the Thought Adjusters work out the life path of their intended hosts. It is a fascinating system and process to study and is one of my passions here on Mansonia #5.

All fragment donors are intimately involved in the composition of their soon to be deployed fragment and this is the creative part of the process. There is one Soul Fragment within all soul portfolios in the local universe of Nebadon that is common since the bestowal of Christ Michael. All new souls born into the material worlds (post bestowal) contain the Soul Fragment of the morontian Jesus. Jesus, when he was scaling the mansion worlds, after his death and during his resurrection and ascension, participated in the fragmentation of his morontia soul. Being a Creator Son allowed him to forego the law of 7 and create a “One Life Fragment” (...the way, the truth, and the life) that would be kept in registry for every new soul being born into the material worlds of time. It is this fragment that is the link to Christ Consciousness and attunement with the TA—it is the experience of the living Jesus that mastered his mind and attuned to His TA while on Urantia that can be accessed through Dynamic Influence when a will creature chooses to vibrationally align him or herself with the qualities and essence of this living Jesus.

In your text it says that the life of Jesus was lived for all peoples in all worlds in Nebadon, and you may have wondered how that was possible for those on other worlds to benefit from His life on Urantia? Nothing of value is ever lost in Creation. His fragment, through Dynamic Influence, is the link to this universal benefit for all worlds. The personalized TA of Jesus, known to some as Sananda, or the Scribe of Damascus, is the primary beneficiary of all transactions incurring through this Jesus Fragment now and into the future via Dynamic Influence. Moreover, Christ Michael, as a Creator Master Son, maintains a relationship with all his children and is the gatekeeper of Dynamic Influence within his domain of Nebadon. The One Life Jesus Fragment was antecedent to the Spirit of Truth coming to Urantia and although they are independent in function, the Jesus Fragment within the human soul serves as an intermediate translator (for human understanding) between the soul-mind and this divine circuit.

What this mean for you, is that you may access the Spirit of Truth by way of sympathetic alignment (vibration) when “the way, the truth, and the life” of Jesus is embodied in your thoughts and actions. That is not to say that those who follow other enlightened masters do not—no, in fact it is the common ground of all religions and philosophies that teach love, compassion, and brotherhood, when embodied by their followers, that Dynamic Influence activates those fragments present within for guidance and interpretation of the Spirit of Truth. Ignorance of the source bars no access to the Spirit of Truth when sympathetic alignment occurs. The TA is the conductor for all these spiritual transactions and there is no need to be concerned about how it occurs, but that is shall and is in accordance with your free will.

I will conclude this part of the message knowing that you and all those who read this document shall have plenty to ponder and question about soul mechanics. It shall no doubt land as a bolder dropped into a placid lake for all those who have crystallized their beliefs on reincarnation and or the atonement doctrines. It is not the purpose of this revelation to convince, but to allow those with open minds to discern the relative truths and possibilities for answering the open questions about the path of the soul and its connection to all souls and the One Soul.

Do not be afraid of your difficulties,

I AM H.P. Blavatsky

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