The Power of Connection

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to speak about the Power of Connection. This is one of the most important principals of universal law to understand, for its use by those who comprehend it can change the hearts and minds of those who are lost and disconnected from their higher-selves, which can change the outcome of a situation or create a positive feeling of love and hope in those who cannot see through their own confusion.

Because we are all connected at the root of our being—all parts of the Whole, we all have the power to connect to any part of the collective universal consciousness, which you, I, and every other being in the universe is a part of, and therefore can you communicate using this “super-highway” to tap into heart of another and create a high-level connection. The fuel for the vehicle used to connect on this super-highway is the power of love wielded by your intention. One aspect of this power is what many of you students on the path understand as “prayer.” Prayer is a method of connection, communication, and intention.

When a friend, a loved one, or an enemy is lost and confused, or ill in mind or body, they are essentially “disconnected” from their higher-selves—that Divine Presence that indwells each person and which has the greatest influence on the heart when connected. You, the students of love, can reach out to these disconnected individuals by “thinking” loving intentions, which establishes a connection whereby you can “pour in” the fuel of love which can help that individual reconnect to their higher-self in the “heart space.” The more pure the fuel, the greater and stronger is that connection. When your intention has preconditions or agendas attached, the signal is weakened and has little influence, and this is why we often pray, “Father, let Your Will be done.” This “modifier” filters the fuel for the intention and removes all preconditions and agendas. Sending love is the healing power needed to reconnect that individual to their own God Fragment which can then have the greatest influence on the heart to change a situation, a confused mind, or heal an illness.

It’s all about connection, my friends. When we connect to the Source, we connect to our highest and greatest power to change and become more god-like through the understanding of divine love—a love that is unconditional. Even our greatest enemy, those who are destructive and cause harm, can we send love through this super-highway of connection which can have influence on the heart of that confused mind and help reconnect them to their own divinity. This is why the Master, Jesus, said to “pray for your enemies.” It is to help them “reconnect” where they can make a conscious choice to take a less destructive path or make a decision that will change the outcome of a seemingly hopeless situation.

When you sit in the stillness and connect with Source, you are strengthening that power of connection, which in effect, helps you to understand the higher language of divine love that changes the heart; that changes the mind; that changes your understanding of the divine—you progress and become more god-like than you were a moment before.

Reach out, my friends, and love one another. That is the greatest agent of change your world can have to heal and move beyond its current state of confusion. Practice this Power of Connection and be amazed at what can be accomplished!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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