The Only True and Pure Constant in your Life

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 15 Oct 2017
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we would like to speak about the experience of being a conscious universe citizen. It is important for you to understand where you are in your development as a spiritual being having a human experience in time space. Many on your world still sleep and continue to seek identity with what they know not, but for you, my dear students, you are awakening to a much larger view of your life and what it means to be conscious both as a human and as a spiritual being. Knowing you have a greater destiny than those around you who sleep in the illusions of their making, you are the change makers and participants in the Great Plan to bring all things closer to the Universal Father’s idea of perfection in the universes.

Many of you are on the cusp of attaining your Third Psychic Circle of human personality potential. There are seven phases in a human life that determine the level of spiritual maturity. You begin at the seventh circle and work your way inward toward the first. To reach the third circle means you have attained the experience of living as a conscious universe citizen. At this point, you are assigned two Destiny Guardians that assist you personally and work together with your Thought Adjuster to accelerate your spiritual growth.

The missing piece for many of you who are hovering at the edge of your fourth circle is the personal relationship piece with your Thought Adjuster. Most of you can understand that you are indwelled with a fragment of the Universal Father—your Thought Adjuster (TA) that promotes your spiritual development—is your spiritual operator and is the reason for your continued life in the ascension, yet many of you have not consecrated this personal relationship and made it “real” in your conscious mind.

It is understandable that because your TA is not something you can see with your eyes, or hear with your physical ears, nor feel with your sense of touch, that you cannot make a real relationship with something so seemingly intangible? To cross this bridge of intangibility requires faith and it is faith that is the first step forward. The second step is taken by your TA to become a tangible reality when you reach out and begin this most awesome of relationships.

We recommend that you give a name to your TA so that He/She has an identity in your mind that you may address, converse with; ask questions about your life and share experiences with as you would a close and life-long friend. Then it would be most beneficial for you if you would begin sharing your thoughts throughout the day—every day until He/She feels like a real friend who would do anything for you—who loves you unconditionally, and will hear any deep thought or desire you have and advise you on your course of action. Listening for an answer—not in the head, but in the heart is where your TA speaks. Use you imagination to hear what your heart is saying. Soon enough, what you hear will be the influence of your TA.

When you have truly consecrated this Primary Relationship with your god fragment, you shall begin to get feedback in one form or another. Some of you feel feedback in the form of subtle vibrations—a warm feeling of love overflows your senses. Others feel it in the heart and hear the gentle soft voice pointing the way. Still others shall experience synchronicity—see signs and prompts only they can identify with. These are all ways that your TA is letting you know He/She is there and is a reality in your life.

The TA is the only true and pure constant in your life and is your anchor and your rock. Once you have established the reality of this relationship, you may begin to work with this eternal partner and accomplish many things. Ask and it is given.

We (teachers) tell you these things because the Father needs powerful humans who are spiritually aware of their cosmic citizenship to lead your world into the starting gates of Light and Life. The power, the energy, and the light of all untapped potential is waiting there for you to discover.

Peace and power to you,

The Circle of Seven