The I AM Essence – Next Steps

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 23 Apr 2017
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

You Students on the path may have been asking yourselves, “What is next for me?” “How shall I grow more spiritually?” “What other practice shall I follow that will lead me to greater spiritual awareness?” “How can I really know the Will of the Universal Father?” “How may I be of service?” If you are asking these types of questions, dear ones, this means that you are hungry and that spirit gravity has hold of you. These are positive signs of growth, in and of themselves, and it is an indication that you are indeed ready for the next phase of your spirit-led life. You have signaled your readiness to change and that you are open to new opportunities. This is the seedbed for transformation, my friends, and it may be that your days of seeking and sitting at the feet of others have come to an end?

The next step for some may be that you need to change some of your routines that prevent you from exploring a deeper relationship with Spirit? If growth is important to you, then preparing the soil of your seedbed is vital to taking that next step toward a more spirit-led life. Who is it that you are asking these hungry question of? Do you speak them to the wind or are you developing a more intimate relationship with your Indwelling Spirit, your Thought Adjuster (TA)? Since your God Fragment is your spiritual coordinator and guide through all phases of spiritual development, then it would be beneficial that you begin and sustain a more intimate contact with this Divine Councilor as you would a true soul-mate?

When you rise each morning, and retire each evening, where are your thoughts? Where are they when you wake in the middle of the night? Are they on material matters—world events; work related worries; dysfunctional relationships, or are they focused on these hungry questions and your connection with your TA? Like any relationship of value, you must invest time; take interest in the deeper development of that relationship, and strive for coherence—wanting to give the very best of yourself—your loving nature; your attention; your loyalty and friendship to the other as a reflection of your own desire to be loved, nurtured, and spiritually attuned.

Do you pray? What is it that really happens when you pray sincerely? You are reaching out with your individualized consciousness and connecting to the Greater Consciousness of the Universal Father, for which your consciousness is a part? Your TA is the conduit of this channel to the Greater Consciousness of the Creator Father. Is it possible to leave this connection open at all times? How does one “pray without ceasing?” To pray continually means you have opened this channel to the Greater Consciousness of the Creator and you openly share your intimate thoughts, hopes, desires, fears, and vulnerabilities with your TA—that part of the Creator Father that is focused in you. The “I AM Essence” begins to flow bidirectionally providing constant feedback. This can be developed, my dear Students on the path, and you can have answers to the hungry questions when you have continual access (bi-directional flow) to this greater consciousness of the Universal Father through a more intimate relationship with your TA.

Do you really want to know and do the Father’s Will? Develop this open channel to the Greater Consciousness and design a “wedge” to keep it open whenever possible. How do you do this? Each of you are unique and each is a co-creator. I challenge you to design your own “wedge” to keep this door open—a reminder of your constant connection to the Greater Consciousness—Father via TA. Do this diligently for two weeks, my dear friends, and you shall, without doubt, begin to notice this “I AM Essence” (bi-directional flow) is present and active in your consciousness—leading you to the answers of those important hungry questions.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s note: What the teachers are challenging us with is to create a “reminder” of our own design that brings our attention to our relationship with our TA in any given moment. What would you do to remind yourself of an important appointment? Your appointment is any given moment when you are not distracted by material life. Even watching a movie, you can be sharing your thought impressions with your TA and extracting the meanings and values and receiving bi-directional flow. Such can be done during a conversation with a friend or co-worker. Idle moments are given. This message seemed to be a “theme” of great importance for the teachers at this time. I’m designing my “wedge” today and will take up the challenge. Will you?