The Elements of Development (Part 1)

Teacher: The SUMERIAN

The message for today is the beginning of a series of lessons about laying a new foundation and establishing new ways and routines for developing your spiritual life. There are many reading these messages who feel frustrated and defeated in their attempts to sit in silence and tap into the wealth of spiritual blessings that are available. Each one of you students is created uniquely and is conditioned differently in your environment, so there are some techniques that may work better than others, but in any method, there are some common elements that are universal. We will examine these elements so that you can understand and learn to use them in your own creative way and build a personal foundation that is best for you.

There are three key foundational elements needed to build a working method to deepen your relationship with Spirit:

The Faith Element

The Creative Element

The Experience Element

The Faith Element consists of several sub-elements which all work together to form a personal belief system and a relationship with Spirit. These are: Deep Thinking, Asking, Answering, and Acceptance.

Deep Thinking is needed to condition your mind and place it in a more conducive environment for expansion. Why is expansion important? Because you are made in the image of the Creator and you are being called to “be perfect,” just as the Creator is perfect and so are all things in the universe developing, evolving, and expanding to a more perfected state. To become perfect we must continually expand our mind to learn and experience new ideas just as the Creator is experiencing new ideas through us. How do we expand our minds? By asking questions—big questions: Who AM I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? How do I grow? These are mind expanding questions that when asked in all sincerity and with child-like wonder and curiosity expand the mind and prepare it for answers that will themselves expand and evolve as you experience life and grasp a greater understanding of what it means to be a child of the Creator.

Because you are imperfect, so too is your understanding of these big questions and so you must recognize and accept that what you know and believe today may not be as true tomorrow, and with this understanding do you develop an “open mind.” An open mind is always ready to be filled with new ideas that will continue to expand your understanding. Acceptance is the glue for building an elastic belief system that is “willing” to change and grow when experience begins to validate the new ideas or answers to the questions being asked. Acceptance also means that you are willing to admit to yourself the error of old beliefs which no longer serve you.

We will continue with these elements on deep thinking, belief, and acceptance in the next message and examine the importance of discernment in the acceptance process.

Until then—Be well, Be open, Be willing,


Receiver’s note: This is a new teacher that I suspect will be contributing to our spiritual education for an unknown period.

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