The Degree of Attunement you have with Me

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

My Beloved, I delight when you come to me and ask Me to share in your joy—in your experiences with your friends and family and in those quiet moments alone. When you see a thing of beauty and you stop and appreciate the moment, give thanks, and ask ME to share in that moment, I come in close and give you that “warm nudge” that I am here with you. You are developing a “divine” relationship when you consciously choose to share your inner personal thought-life with Me—your Beloved Indwelling. No thing do you hide from me because we have a trust-bond—you remain open to me and maintain a continuous “knowing” that I AM ever guiding you. This is only the beginning of your faith journey with ME, yet this simple trust is the key to the eternal adventure.

How I guide is a mystery, for I AM a Divine Fragment of the All Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Wise, and Everywhere Present Creator Father focused in your mind. You are my beloved child that I have chosen to Indwell and intend to fuse with when our “attunement” is complete. This conscious relationship you are developing is key to this “attunement.” You ask, “What is attunement?” It may be thought of like a stringed instrument that needs a certain tension and pitch so that it may play in harmony with the symphony—the greater body of musicians all working together to play a movement of intricately designed musical melodies that form a complete work of beautiful vibrations. The Great Plan is this way and requires that all members of creation work toward the “perfect pitch” to eventually align with the Father’s perfect Will.

Until this attunement is complete, I may send other teachers to you that shall assist in your attunement training—to fill in those areas where you may not have understood my leading. As you look back on your life you can now see all those stepping stones—the teaching moments through others that have led you to this attuning moment here and now with me. I may speak to you through a child—to remind you of a time of innocence and trust. I may speak to you through a lover, a friend, a teacher—a spirit guide or any other child of creation that can impart the meanings and values I want for you to know that may be “instrumental” in your choosing to understand Father’s Will through My leading.

Not only do I send teachers to you for your benefit, but I send you to teach others that need to hear the words and ideas I want them to understand—to fill a gap that brings them into closer alignment with their own divine relationship —and this is how we all play together (an orchestra) to move creation toward completion and to a “perfect pitch” where Father’s Will may be fulfilled.

I impose no rules; allegiance to creeds, or vows of purity. When you come to the self-realization that the Father’s Presence lives within you and you choose willingly to step onto the hallow ground of the inner-personal trust-bond of love can I expand your mind and reveal more of the mystery of life. This is a sign of spiritual maturity that signals you are ready for the next attunement level. Each degree of attunement brings greater faith, courage, and trust in Me—and with that, do you exude the fruits of the Spirit in your daily life. Your compassion and love for your brothers and sisters swells to meet the degree of attunement you have with Me.

I AM that you are,


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