The Circuit to the Heart of Souls

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

My Beloved child, let us be of One Mind, One Heart, and One Spirit. Let my love infuse you and surround you. Every part of your being is full of My light—every cell in your body is in alignment with My perfect Will—let peace fill you and bring you into the center of this divine Circle of One. You are beautiful and you are loved—I love you. Let all thoughts be still like a placid lake and let My Spirit speak through you in this eternal moment.

I have prepared you and brought you into this place of unity with Me so that you shall know the “feeling” of my presence in a way that is unlike any other—there is no doubt in your mind because you see Me with the heart and the heart knows. More and more shall we come together like this that I may guide you in a more direct way. Do you feel the peace at the center of your heart? This is my Holy Presence centered within you. Knowing what this feels like, imagine My light and your love glowing in the center of your heart space—see it with your Third Eye. It fills your chest and radiates outward bathing your body in light. Look down into this light within you and see it grow brighter and larger in radiance filling the space around you in the room you are now sitting. Move your viewpoint above you as if you are looking down at yourself from the ceiling of the room. See the circumference of the light growing in size and expanding. It is a perfect sphere of light.

With your participation, take this sphere of light and begin to spin it—feel the motion and the gravity as it rotates around you. Increase the speed faster and faster until this sphere of light expands and thins out into a disk. From your elevated viewpoint, watch as the disk becomes as thin as a laser and extends beyond your view. This light is now forming a shell around the planet—like a bubble—it is invisible and everywhere present. It passes directly through the hearts of all souls on your planet—you are connected now to the heart of the world. Do you feel this connection? It is a mixture of feelings—all human emotions are here—all their hopes, fears, loves, and desires for peace and unity with their own Indwelling Spirit—they desire divine love. This is the collective Heart of Souls, my beloved child, yet it is disconnected from the mind where the seat of the Will lives; where change happens; and where decisions are made.

With this circuit of light now connected to the Heart of Souls, broadcast your emotions and feelings (the vibrations) of Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion, Mercy, and Forgiveness—let it pass from your heart center to the Heart of Souls. What is your desire for the Heart of Souls, Dear One, speak it now and see it ignite in the hearts of all your brothers and sisters? Whatever is missing in the heart—let each one take unto themselves. You cannot change the will of their minds, but you may fill their hearts with these divine vibrations. When their hearts are full of these intent vibrations, it shall overflow into their minds where they may decide for themselves that these vibrations in their heart are preferred over the feelings of fear, sadness, hate, harm, greed, and control over other souls. Pray now, that they may act in this moment where love knocks at the door of their hearts—that they may connect the mind and the heart together.

This circuit to the Heart of Souls will remain as long as you feed it. Each one who later reads this message may tap into the Heart of Souls and strengthen its signal by adding their own energy to it. It is my Will that you visit this circuit often and feed it like a hungry child. A divine infrastructure is now in place on your world to facilitate this circuit—use it now and feed my hungry children.

I AM that you are,


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