Take Your Vision to the Next Level

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

There are many creative ways you can work together with your spirit guides (soul family), and when you understand something about how they operate, you can then leverage their collective expertise and bring them all together into a powerful benevolent team that can help you accomplish your personal goals. To be effective in your creativity requires that you actually have personal goals—something many people fail to define for themselves.  When you can state these goals and visualize them from a place deep within you, this is where Spirit can step in and “go to work” for you.  To take this vision to the next level, you express your goals by recognizing the relationship you have with Spirit and then assign these tasks to your team with the assurance that you and Spirit shall put these thoughts and ideas into action.

It is not necessary that you separate and delegate the steps for each member of your guidance team, for they understand what spiritual resources are needed and what each order of your guidance team is capable of doing.  We (Spirit) work in a unified way to see that the steps and tasks necessary to achieve the outcome are divided up with the “expert” that can best accomplish the needed steps along the way to see that the final goal is met.  Understand that Spirit sees where you cannot, and so it is best to build faith and trust that Spirit is working to accomplish these goals with the intention that the greatest good can be served for you and all those who would be affected by the outcome.

Because we can calculate with great accuracy the collateral influence of your co-creative efforts, we sometimes guide you in a direction that may be different from your expectations. This may seem to be somewhat circumvent to your understanding about how your vision unfolds, but please understand that it is always better to release the vision to the work of your guides without the expectations in the steps along the way.  Be mindful to watch for the coming opportunities that set the next step in motion, for you are a part of the equation and a co-creator in the process.  You cannot just speak your intentions to the wind and sit back and wait for the manifestation to take place.  You have a part in its success that requires you to participate in the vision.  To be “aware” is to then watch for the signposts of the next opportunity.

The one thing that is most important to understand, and this is a universal understanding, is that your energetic investment is equal to Spirit’s energetic investment—meaning, the amount of dedication, time, and energy you put into the vision is equaled in the spirit world in seeing your vision come to life.  Your will and creative desire is the catalyst to begin the process and it is Spirit’s work to then match the resources with the need and intensity to meet the goal in a meaningful way best suited for you and all those affected.  We (Spirit) are opportunists and we get behind those things that have the greatest influence in seeing growth (progress) for you and your world—keep this thought in the back of your mind always as you define your goals and create the vision you desire to see manifest.

Your homework is to not only be the catalyst for the vision, but to understand how your vision will impact others.  This will help you determine how much energy is needed in seeing it through to manifestation.  A truly great idea that helps many requires a great many resources and so these take more time and energy on all sides, but they also have a greater payoff in terms of growth.  Time is a limited resource on your side—be mindful about how much of it you put toward a goal that has little payoff.  Spend your time and mental resources wisely and Spirit shall let you know if it is a worthwhile endeavor by providing the indicators for success or failure.

It makes a significant difference in the process to collaborate with Spirit rather than speaking to the wind and expecting a miracle.  Know that we (Spirit) are real personalities that are invested in your success as a soul, and to work together is most helpful for us and you.  It takes a lot of faith and trust to collaborate with the unseen, but this is precisely what is most effective.  What joy it is for your guidance team to know you personally and to work with you at a more personal level of trust than to merely lead you unaware through your life.  

We (your guidance team) are at your service!  What can we do for you today?

I AM Uteah

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