Take Hold of these Empowerments

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 11 Nov 2018
Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Greetings to you children of Urantia! I also extend the greetings of our Universe Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, as she is preparing to pour out a new revelation of her Holy Spirit onto your world.  As was  announced to you previously by our System Center, Posturon, this new manifestation of the Holy Spirit brings a greater sense of unity and brotherhood with spirit expression never before experienced.   

Many shall be skeptical of this statement, for your world has suffered so many wounds from the rebellion that it is nearly inconceivable that a spirit of unity would be possible?  What you are to understand is that this new component of Mother Spirit's circuit is the framework and power source for the reception, within the human mind, of a more approachable and intimate relationship with your Father Fragments--the Thought Adjusters.

This enhancement of the Holy Spirit circuit shall also make possible the reception of the Trinity Teacher Nexus that is being prepared for broadcast through the Distribution Center and Cascading Network to the various levels (seven levels) of creature mind according to Psychic Circle attainment.

If you look back to previous announcements, you shall notice an incremental methodology in circuit enhancements: New mind  circuitry; the dismantling of the rebel control circuits; the cleanup of your Borderland; and the re-connection of your world to the system circuits of Satania--all leading to the co-creative healing of your world.  The needed circuits and power sources are in place.  Now, it shall be up to you--the people of Urantia, to take hold of these "empowerments" and put them to good use.  I use the term "empowerments" as a companion to free will, for only your will to take these enhancements and use them for good shall they become effective and produce the manifestations of peace and brotherhood on your world.

Great change is coming to 606!  May the peace and love of the Holy Spirit be with you this day.

I AM Uteah

Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/take-hold-of-these-empowerments