Step in and out of the Theater

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Dear one, I AM a Divine Fragment of the Creator Father living within your mind and I speak for many of my kind when I say that I love you with a Higher Love that is replete and affectionate beyond all human expression. I AM close to you—so close that you may feel I AM not separate from you—that I AM you, and this is true because I am integrated within you and connected to all your thoughts and emotions—your memories and experiences are all shared in parallel. I AM your spiritual operator and all of your life journey and relationships are directly related to your spiritual development whether you realize it or not. There is a framework plan I have crafted for you before your appearance on this world and it is entirely up to you how to navigate and choose the path of development. Wherever you go on this path, I AM here to impress the image of the framework and to suggest the higher ground that leads to progress and growth.

Your life and relationships with others on this planet is, in reality, a theater for soul development. It is important for your continued growth that you maintain this overview of reality—that you are in the theater and you are outside of it. When you connect with me, you are seeing the larger reality—you are the observer and this is where we can unite and extract the meanings and values of truth, beauty, and goodness. When you are immersed in your worldly construct (theater), you are engaged in the development of your character—you are captain of this reality.

It serves you well to step in and out of the theater so that you do not take the role of the character too seriously and begin to believe that this “play” is the only reality. There are other activities going on in the universes that you are “involved” in that you are not aware of at this time, but soon to discover. How is this? You spend many hours of your life with your eyes closed, and I assure you, none of this time is wasted.

All humans on your world are either participators or bystanders in the Father’s Great Plan. Many are participating unconsciously as they follow the framework of their Inner Guide and work in the theater for a better world. Blessed are you who are conscious of this work—who would step “outside” to see the progress and ask for more assistance in your prosecutions. The power to create is held in trust in the relationship you have with me. As you draw closer to me, the more do I integrate my divine attributes with you for this purpose—to solve the Great Mystery—to move the Great Plan closer to the apex of the Ultimate.

The Great Plan is an equation full of inter-related frameworks and you are the variable. At the completion of the present age, both sides of the equation must balance and so however you calculate and solve for your part in the framework affects the sub-totals which compound in the larger plan. You and I both bear a responsibility for the out-workings of the plan, and so it is my desire that you join with me and use those divine attributes I hold in trust to create a better path.

It is always better to reduce the complexity of any equation to better understand the result. When you step outside your theater and check in with Me can we work to understand those issues that can and shall be resolved and which need more attention.

I AM that you are

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