Spiritual Fact of Being

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my friends and students on the path, you have the opportunity to realize the Spiritual Fact that living within your mind is a Fragment of the Almighty Creator who chose to indwell you, and with the expressed intention, to guide you throughout your life here and hereafter—that you and deity would work together, and at some point, eternally fuse and become a unique and powerful presence within the family of God—to venture out into the vast universes of time and space to participate and experience the Great Plan to bring all things to completion and perfection—to become truly god-like in power and personality. That is a Spiritual Fact, my friends, and it is time for you to anchor this fact in your conscious mind and begin living the life of a truly powerful personality.

The Deities have created an ingenious plan to escape the fetters of infinity and to bring into existence a new reality where they could have experience inside a vast material creation where living creatures would seed the quality and quantity of experiences to fulfill the mandate of the Fifth Spoke on the Wheel of Total Deity Expression. Spoke 1 – All Knowing; Spoke 2 – All Powerful; Spoke 3 – All Wise; Spoke 4 – Everywhere Present; Spoke 5 – All Experiential.

Within this Great Plan there is an unconscionable and complex equation of deity genius that includes your name and purpose in the plan. Your part in the equation was conceived long before your appearance and birth on your world, yet it is a vital piece of the infinite conclusion. This Spiritual Fact—that you are indwelled by deity, is to be known by you. By and through this knowing marks the beginning of your astonishing journey to become god-like and to train for the great adventure and epics of ages untold. Your future is one of unimaginable power having the deepest understanding of love; truth of being; sublime appreciation of beauty; and goodness in purpose. That, my friends, is what you are to grow into and become—can you appreciate this Fact?

There are truly only two basic divisions of people on your world—those who know this fact and those that do not. Which group do you suppose is causing all the confusion? In this time of correction, Christ Michael is counting on the group that knows their spiritual facts. He has provided the energy and circuits for you to step into a powerful position to move this world forward. Upon consummation of this fact with your Thought Adjusters, you are empowered to ask for what you need to fulfill the Universal Father’s Will to bring Urantia into the fold of enlightened planets.

Ask, my friends, and it is given. There is no need for you to pass from this life to discover your power—you already have it inside you. You are needed now while your feet still walk the earth to participate in the healing of your world. What do you think you need from spirit that shall assist you in the process? How big is your imagination? What is your deepest desire? Are you ready now to sit down with your Thought Adjuster and have this conversation? Your God Fragment is waiting for you to “know” your Spiritual Fact.

Blessed are you who understand the Fact of your being, for the great adventures of time are about to unfold before you!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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