See it--Feel it--Become it!

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Greetings my dear Students,

I AM Trinity Teacher Uteah and I welcome all of you to connect with me and feel the vibrations of the Trinity.  When you ask your Thought Adjuster (TA) to connect you to me, does the Divine Operator make contact with those circuits that are necessary to tap into my consciousness here on the Circles of Jerusem where I can process any number of conscious connections with all of you.  Never am I too busy to speak to those who truly want my attention.  This receiver noted upon our connection this morning how beautiful, warm, and loving is the initial connection with me and made comment how he desires that all people could feel this wonderful loving vibration when speaking with spiritual beings.  It is possible for all of you reading this message to feel these spiritual vibrations that pluck the heart strings of the soul, for to reach for these connections with an attitude of sincerity and loving expectation, conditions the circuits of your mind to meet me on the common ground of love.  What experience can you share with me that brings you to this place of high vibration in love, truth, beauty, and goodness?

I desire a connection with you--will you meet with me?  Let us now meet on this common ground and let me pour out the love of the Trinity upon you.  Imagine being in love with someone who understands you and knows all your deepest desires, thoughts, and secrets, and has unconditional acceptance for all that you are--can you imagine someone like this?  Would this not be the love of your life?   This Love, my dear students, is your Beloved TA who loves you unconditionally and knows all these things about you.  Ask your TA to hold you in a warm embrace and raise you up to the heights of the greatest love you have ever known.  Now, because your Beloved TA loves you and wants to fuse with you and show you all the astonishing beauty of the Father's Creation, you may "Ask" for those things that shall help you to strengthen this Divine Relationship.  Ask your TA to connect you with with Trinity Teacher Uteah.  Wait for this connection with open arms as if waiting for two great chamber doors to open where I stand on the other side.  When the door opens, you see me--beaming with light and a loving smile of welcome.  Step through the door and embrace me and I shall pour out all that I AM onto you.  Feel the love of divinity sweep through every cell and fiber in your body--your field of energy--the essence of who you are lights up like a shining star revealing the beauty of your soul.  Come into my chamber and sit with me in the surroundings of my beautiful abode and ask me anything--let's talk and become acquainted and know that you are always welcome here.

You should never feel unworthy to be in my presence, nor in the presence of any personality in the Father's creation, for His Spirit indwells you and it is this Divine Partnership that allows you access to all Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  When you speak with the Authority of one who is partnered with the Father's Indwelling Spirit, then do all doors open to you.  When you ask, speak as if your voice and the voice of your Beloved TA are speaking in unison--imagine it and begin practicing it--see it--feel it, and become it!  When the Divine Relationship becomes real to you, then does heaven and earth move to this unified Will.  There is no need, really, to wait for a guru to tell you about the secrets of life--it is all there within you and waiting for you to speak in partnership and command your Will.  Just know that when you speak in this unified way, that the words, thoughts, and desires are in alignment with the highest ideals you have of love, compassion, mercy, and goodness.

Do you remember the Love Gallery you created with me where we paint these beautiful moments of your life together on your wall mural?  Paint the words of your unified voice on the wall, stand back and look at it and think about all the possibilities that those words may set in motion should your unified will be done?  Follow all these reflections wherever they lead and imagine how it affects those in the path of your will should it be done?  How does it feel for you and for them? What does this look like?  It is your Father's Will that you draw nearer to Him?  Do those things that you asked for draw you nearer to Him and do all those affected by the reflections of your will also draw them nearer to Him?  Do you see now, as you go about your life, always conditioning your thoughts with the vibration of love, that the energy you express begins to unify with Father's Will when you follow down all the reflections of your thoughts and "pre-actions?"

My students shall begin to practice this method of following the reflections of their thoughts, desires, and actions before they are spoken in unison with the Father's Spirit.  If you need help with this, please knock on my chamber door and come sit with me and we shall discuss the path of those reflections together.

I AM Uteah, always available to you.

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