Relationship with the Real-Self

Location: Michigan, USA
Date: 21 Feb 2015
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we would like to talk about the relationship with the “real-self.” Is there such a thing as a relationship with the real-self? There is, yet many on your world have never become acquainted with the real-self. Once you discover this “reality within” then can you make great progress in all areas of your life and relationships with others. The real-self is the emerging potential and growing spiritual nature that ultimately feeds and grows the soul. Discovering who you are at this deeper level is vital to your continuing progress and ascension into eternity—it is the bridge between divine guidance and mortal choosing that drives the experiences that shape your life and give meaning, value, and purpose to your “being.”

You might think about the real-self as that part of you that is “within” or “being” that awakens between the moments of that part of you that is “doing.” There are three layers that you may visualize to help you understand this:

The first layer is the divine layer—the deepest, which guides and spiritualizes the mind—the domain of the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator, the Thought Adjuster. This is the high moral layer where the inner knowing of higher values and eternal truths are realized. It is the seed sower of insights and creative imagination. This layer communicates at the highest level using the language of love. It is essential that the second layer understands this high level language for growth and soul-building.

The second layer is the “real self”—that part of you that is the bridge between divinity and the emerging potentials of personality and identity that you are becoming—the “teachable you;” the growing you; the you that distills the experiences of life into wisdom which is formatted and stored by the Indwelling Spirit for safe keeping as the emerging immortal soul. This is the seat of the will where conscious decisions are made and sent out to the third layer to drive the experiences of life. The more growth there is in this layer, the greater is the understanding and evaluation of the influence of the divine layer (the first layer).

The third layer is the “interface”—that part of you that carries out the work and the will of the real-self (the second layer). This is the unruly child that rebels against the real-self and is subject to the physical nature of the body and the surrounding environment—emotional and biochemical reactions to outside stimuli—the pleasure and the pain of living in a body on the material plane. This layer sends all the “raw data” to the second layer where it can be broken down and the values of the experiences can be interpreted and where wisdom may be gleaned. This third layer can sometimes become preoccupied by outside stimuli—the “doing” and consequently, the inner life becomes subdued by the outer life and therefore is there little growth or soul-building because the real-self is not given the chance to break down the experiences into meaning and values. This is often referred to as a “rut” where life becomes mundane and predictable because the third layer begins to drive the will decisions of the second layer based on a continuous stream of baser data (comfort, safety, physical pleasure, or addiction to pain and drama).

Self-mastery, therefore, is the real-self (second layer) learning to control the third layer and to use it in a way that benefits and feeds the emerging soul. Mediation and deep thinking are beneficial to keeping control and steering the ship toward new horizons and the adventures of high value experiences (survival value experiences). “Awareness” is being present in the moment and in the layer of the real-self. Unconscious living, therefore, is the third layer controlling the ship and driving the consequences of “thoughtless” actions.

Spend more time, my friends, in the company of the real-self and observe how your life changes for the better. It is the real-self that learns how to love and therefore will grow as a result of interpreting the higher mind—the first layer where the Indwelling Spirit speaks.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven