Recognize the Divine Pattern

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

To understand the love of the Universal Father requires that you understand how to love your own children and to recognize the divine pattern in all things.  The parent/child relationship is the greatest human example of this kind of love and it teaches you how to understand forbearance, forgiveness, and kindness—the very things your Heavenly Father extends to you.  When you were a child, you depended on your parents for all your needs, and this dependency is required to see that you were provided with those things you needed to survive in a world you did not yet understand.  When you make the inference with this parent/child relationship and extend it to your Heavenly Father, you will see the divine pattern.  He wisely chose this type of creation for those beings farthest from Paradise as a way to quickly orient them on a path of trust, faith, and hope that they would grow and survive and find their way home to His loving embrace.

For all things in the universe are but patterns of the divine and when you look very closely at creation you will see these patterns.  The pattern of the parent/child relationship is primal and most important for your own conscious and spiritual development.  It is unfortunate that many children on your world are unloved and abused by the very parents that were given these precious souls to protect and guide.  It is confusing for a child to grow up this way and it leads to dysfunctional adults living in fear that do not understand why they are here or why they would need a relationship with Spirit?  They may not see the divine pattern in other aspects of life because their earliest experiences as a child were not nurturing and they do not understand the deeper significance in the divine pattern of a loving parent/child relationship.

When we talk about world peace or Light and Life—this requires a relationship of brotherhood and this type of relationship also extends from the patterns of parent/child/sibling.  The family unit is the pattern for all other relationships in life and in society.  If society is dysfunctional and is regressing, it is because the family unit has broken down and no longer functions as the pattern mirroring the divine relationship.  What is needed on your world now is to find ways to improve the family unit—to see that all children are loved and nurtured.  This is the root value that will branch out in every pattern of human life and make Light and Life possible.

To accomplish such a tremendous task, all other patterns that are out of sync with the divine pattern need to be reconnected to the root.  All organizations that serve human needs would need to place greater value on the family unit and support and nurture this sacred relationship.  Your governments are more focused on short term financial gains than on the investment in a healthy society, which if recognized would return the greatest value in all aspects of life.  “Healthy” means physical health, mental and emotional health (opportunity, growth, and education), which leads to spiritual health—the capstone of eternal survival.

Light and Life stems from the root—the parent/child relationship and the family unit.  When your cultures, societies, and governments begin to recognize this pattern of the divine and value it above all other values, then will you see the dawning of a great age.  Many of you are looking for purpose in life and there can be no better sense of accomplishment than to support a cause that nurtures the root of all patterns.  How can you help?  It requires your participation and co-creation in healing and nurturing the systems and people that support a healthy family life.

Light and Life is possible,

I AM Uteah

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