Receive the Violet Flame

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Greetings to you--Agondonters of Urantia,

As I have said in previous messages, I AM here to help build the foundations of Light and Life on your world, and to do this, I need your co-creative assistance to weave the energies of Light and Life within your minds that they may be in alignment with the Will of our Father.  At this early foundation stage, it is required that a small but dedicated core of individuals participate with us as we begin laying the plans and building the energy lanes for a high stream of consciousness to move through the Distribution Centers and Cascading Networks to the dedicated core and out unto the world.

From our vantage point, we see this core group--the brilliance of your inner light in contrast to the multitudes around you.  It is you that defines the Agondonter (those who believe without seeing) that shall blaze the trail for others to follow into the coming age.  For we have sent you many teachers and they have taught you many lessons on the value of the relationship with the Inner Guide--the Indwelling Presence of the Father--the key that opens the storehouse of all Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

It is your faithful participation in all the reading of the lessons; the study of the Urantia Papers; your stillness practice; your meditations; your discussions with other Agondonters--the application of these principals and the demonstration of the love you have brought to the lives of others that has established a great library of knowledge and experience within your minds.  It is this Sacred Library that your Thought Adjusters have nurtured and safely stored within your souls that may now be put to use in service to humanity. 

For the Agondonters, the Sacred Library shall see you safely over to the mansion worlds where you shall continue to grow and ascend the heavens, yet within this pool of trusted believers, having advanced standing, there is a dedicated core that has a "knowing" that they were born to be here at this auspicious time--to receive the Violet Flame that shall light up the foundation and fill the circuits that lead to the hearts of others. 

There is no need for you to stand on a corner and shout the call to repentance or to preach the word as an evangelist--it is the Violet Flame within you that shall light up the hearts and minds of those who have opened the door to the Adjuster's knock.  It is this sacred energy that you pull from the high stream of consciousness coming in from the Cascading Network that shall radiate in all directions and pluck the "soul strings" of those key individuals that shall manifest the co-creative ideas and plans to move your world onto the better path.  It is your will that anchors this energy on Urantia.

Kneel on the Ordination Stone--you Agondonters, and receive the Violet Flame as the Master, Christ Michael, lays his hand upon your head.  This is the moment you have waited for, hoped for, and felt in your heart of hearts. Receive it now and be awash in the glory of the Father's calling!

Call on me and I will answer,

I AM Uteah--here to serve you

Receiver's note:  For many of us who have come into the knowledge of the Urantia Book and have studied the many lessons of the mansion world teachers, the Thought Adjuster transmissions, and other related materials over many years--we have all been puzzled by the relative obscurity of so few to know about these revelations--that the Urantia book has never really moved into the mainstream to revise the ancient beliefs and dogmas of world religions.  It has been revealed to me that it has been effective enough to bring us to this point in our evolution--to establish the foundation of Light and Life and "energetically" become the catalyst for the awakening of enough key individuals--even those who are not even spiritual minded--to begin consciously or unconsciously manifesting the co-creative ideas of their Thought Adjusters to make the right moves at the right time in our planets evolution.  It is clear to me that the crowning achievement of the Agondonters is now coming to fruition--as the energetic catalysts.

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