Purify, Purify, Purify!

Teacher: Unidentified

Many of you are wondering about your purpose and why you are here. Those who are reading this message may be “waking up” to a more expanded view of the universe and are interested in knowing more about the particular journey that they have “volunteered” for. Most are here for the intense experience of living a life on one of the most contrasting planets in the universe: Urantia, “The wild west that puts you to the test.” Your planet is known throughout the universe as a place where a soul can grow tremendously in a short period of time, but despite the lure of the accolades of wisdom, you must endure the intensity of emotions that come with life on a planet emerging from darkness and rebellion to one that is standing on the edge of enlightenment—a peculiar, dangerous, wonderful, and most interesting “elementary school.”

I address those brave souls who have come here to work for the welfare of the planet and who wish to remove another layer from the veil—to see more clearly the path of their particular mission. There is no magic wand that can be waved over your head to open you up to your purpose—you must seek out the healing knowledge in this realm and in the degree to which you can understand given the unique circumstance of your incarnation into time space. You must then apply the knowledge by testing it in your experience to discern the value or utility of the information.

It is these intense emotions that I would like to speak about because they can be quite volatile and can often prevent you from seeing clearly the path of your mission. Having been born into these human vessels of flesh and blood, you have a human brain that runs on chemical fuel to power the decision making processes and for the collection of experiential events that populate your consciousness and contribute to the “soul ripening” process. Not only is this volatile brain fuel difficult to control in the most ideal environment, but now you have to deal with the pollutants that contaminate that fuel by what you take into your body through the mouth, the ears, and the eyes.

If you wish to lift another layer of the veil and tune into your purpose, you must “purify, purify, purify.” Purify the foods that you consume; purify the information you hear, and remove the ugliness of a confused world from your eyes. Become the observer and remove yourself from the drama that draws in fear. Fear is the single most dangerous emotion that clouds the vision and confuses the mind. The “veil” is nothing more than a blanket of fear. As you peel off fear, all things become clear and you can then step into your purpose with courage and determination.

Purification is the medicine for reducing the intensity of fear in your lives. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which leads to clarity of purpose. Clarity is needed when you sit in stillness and tap into the Infinite Source of all Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. The more your senses have been purified, the greater is your ability to absorb those godly attributes into the fabric of your soul and become like the One who IS.

Many of you volunteers have been drawn off path by the intensity of the emotional feedback and now need to refocus and re-calibrate your minds to the mission at hand. Urantia needs you now at this critical nexus.


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