Preparing the Soil of the Soul for Progress (Part-2)

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, dear students, we continue our instructions on healing the mind of others—first, as individuals; second, as small groups; and third, as a larger collective group. This is a reoccurring and continuous process that is needed to elevate mind and to help attune it to the new energies that facilitate the rising of consciousness on Urantia. You may think of it as “unplugging” mind from a lower functioning circuit and “reconnecting” it to a higher functioning circuit. As more minds are freed from the old patterns of thinking, the higher functioning circuit becomes more assimilating—making it easier to move others to a more “enlightened” thought process.

At the individual level (micro), you can work very precisely—perhaps knowing some of the issues each person is dealing with and addressing those as needed (energetically, subconsciously). Healing small groups, you focus on releasing unhealthy energies that are common to that group and ask for the things that will bring balance to the group mind. On the larger collective, you deal with mind at a “macro” level and ask for those things that are healing to a city, a nation, a culture, or a race, and you apply the same energetic intention as you do for the individual—seeing each person in a collective group as needing healing, but applying it over a greater population with a unifying intention.

In each case: Individual, Group, or Collective, you ask your Thought Adjuster (TA—your spiritual operator) to connect you to the sub-conscious mind whether it be an individual or a group. There does exist a collective sub-conscious that connects those individuals in a group when they align their thoughts in common patterns with similar values. You may think about it in terms of frequency and vibration—those of similar thought processes and values operate in a near similar frequency and it is this frequency and vibration that pools the group sub-conscious—this is what you focus on while applying the energetic clearing and healing.

At the macro level, the collective sub-conscious is more diverse and less unified and so you would want to focus on those things that are the most unifying—things that are common ground to all—your humanness—values that promote the greater good. The energetic release of collective fear-based thinking is a good place to start here. When you ask for the release and clearing of the unhealthy parts of the collective sub-conscious, you always replace the “void” with a healthy attribute.

Many of you have already gone through a cleansing process where you have been reconnected to the higher circuits and so you have some experience with how it feels to “think” in alignment with the Great Plan. You as an individual—a unique person with unique abilities and ideas, we leave you to co-create your own methods for these energetic healings and re-connections. Please know that when you take up this work, there are always present, many unseen personalities who are standing at attention ready to “action” those intentions that are in alignment with Father’s Will. “Ask, and it is given.”

At no other time in human history have the conditions for attunement with the TA been so favorable or coordinated. I emphasize that you have greater power than you realize and it is Christ Michael’s desire that you be empowered to take up this cause to bring your world to Light and Life. He has allowed for the empowerment of those individuals that take seriously their role as a healer of minds in these most auspicious times.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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